I can’t wait for Colorado….

one of those days Only one????

I’m fighting a lot of demons lately.  And I cannot wait to spend 4 days in Colorado away from everyone and everything. Get my head straight and aaaaaaaaaaahahah who am I kidding!!! I hope I never get that straight because then I won’t be me. Boo. That crazy bitch that dances around her bonfire…..LOL….


But it has been a week….I’m chatting with a guy that is 6’8″ tall. And we are having fun talking. Holy cow that’s a lot of human.  We’ll see how it goes…..

500 percent done with today
And pretty sure I’m done with next Monday by about 40% too.


So y’all have a great day!!

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So…only a couple little things left….

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1) Get trim on bedroom door. (you can see it missing on the right side in the photo) I found one of the pieces. Not sure where I will find the other. For some reason the people that owned the home before me took odd things off, painted weird(blue streaks on ceilings where there is NO blue on the walls…??), and were just generally………not great upkeepers. Also, do I want to paint the closet doors white too?

2) Balcony door gets replaced. And soon. I hope. Remember? It’s a hollow core. And I want a window in it.

3) I need to find a 32″ TV and a small stereo. I think I have a DVD player. My rooms upstairs are so big they can be their own little apartment. I even have a coffee maker in this room. Just have to get it set up yet. So if my guest doesn’t want to come down and converse with me, they can stay in their room and have coffee, TV, music….and I put some games in there too.

4)Hall carpeting is getting pulled up and I have new stair treads thanks to my friend Atia in Scotland. LOVED the way hers look so I bought the treads before I even came home. So tear up the carpet, paint the floor and install the treads. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the hall yet. Maybe get a nice runner…..? I’ll take pictures during and y’all can chime in.

5) Might go with one more bigger carpet square and get rid of the blue one in front of the door. It catches everything and won’t let go. I also need something along the right side of the bed….


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