I forgot the other part of the story!!

Jules and Nonna
I stopped in to see THIS little one’s family on Friday afternoon too. She came running at me when I got out of the car and SLAMMED into me for a hug so hard it HURT!!!

“I’ve MISSED you so much Gramma!!!” and she wouldn’t let me go either. It was a wonderful connection. I showed her the Twizzlers I had in my pocket and man did those beautiful eyes light up….

I snuck her a few pieces then left the bag for her when I left. Told her to hide them and share them only with her sister. LOL

God I miss those kids….

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…Nonna couldn’t stand it anymore. I took a half day last Friday and went to see my littlest bug. She toddled across from her car to me, crawled in my arms, laid her head on my left shoulder and did a death grip on my upper arms….for like 5 minutes. I tried to pull her up so I could see her face and smooch on her and she wasn’t having it. Just hugged and hugged me.
Willa at park 42420
Monday, my daughter calls “I’m bringing you lunch” OK. “I have the kids. Come sit in the car with us.” OK. Little Bug sitting back there. I  looked back at her. She leaned forward, cocked her head to one side and says “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” I’m laughing.

Willa eating Monday
Her hair is growing in. Fast. She walks so well now. Saying words. I live for the day she says “Nonna!”

Yes, she blew one sock. She’s like her Nonna. Hates to wear shoes and socks. LOL



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Have any of you read….


….Paradise Lost? There was a blurb on the news yesterday about it. ‘This day in history…..’ kind of thing.  I may have to actually read it.

It’s pouring cats and dogs. YAY!!! Cleaning all the salt and sand off the road. Nice! Because I can start driving her again Friday!! (Full Coverage Insurance starts May 1)Mustang put away for Winter 2017

The Truck? Tried him on Sunday. Dead as a door nail. Dammit. And I need him!
truck out last night
I bought a yard cart  to pull behind my mower for hauling crap. I am having a co-worker pick it up Thursday for me because I can’t get The Truck going till Friday. And believe me I’ll be hauling with him. I feel Nick the strongest in the cab.

I’ve been smelling stale beer at home lately. Just like Nick would smell after a binge when he was mad at me.

So I’m trying to figure out if he is happy (Plant growth remember?) or pissed.
Look at that puppy NOW! It has doubled in size again. I may have to find a bigger pot!

I sorted the sorting pile last night. SUCH a mess. But that’s pretty much done now.  I bought the yard cart to pull behind my John Deere because the brush pile is WAY OVER ………………………………………………………………………….THERE.

Ok, I’ll get photos.


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A job well done…EDITED FOR COLIN….

A couple before we started photos. Remember all those trees I had cut down a year ago? wood beforewood before tarp
This is what it looked like before we finished cleaning up. Gary has been working on it, cutting up the pieces that are too long, sorting into OK, needs split, needs cut, needs to go into the brush burn pile.


This is that mess as of Saturday afternoon.

Sortedwood house view

Cleaned up. Raked into two burn piles. The middle pile by the pallets, I have to go thru and pick out stuff that is the right length for the wood stove, what needs cut and what needs to go into the burn pile.wood cleaned up from garage view

This is what I have left that is ready for me, (plus a bit in the basement for chilly nights yet)
wood new stacks
This is what needs split, cut, sorted and dealt with. But I’m liking how much nicer it is. And next weekend he wants to get the rest done. We were both so exhausted when we finished Saturday……so we’ll see. lolwood still to do yet


We also extended the legs on my table.dining table extended legs

Hooked up a whole new stereo system for me.(this is just a bit of it. 2 more components and 3 more speakers, too)stereo

Sorted and put away, cleaned and dusted (uck) and got so much done…..buried my clothesline pole. He’s picking up what we need to attach the other end to my garage AND I’LL HAVE A CLOTHESLINE AGAIN!!!!! OMG am I weird for being happy about THAT?? We also finished up the final side of the screen porch so I only have to fix the door then THAT is done. Scaffolding is in the shed and out of sight and I can start cleaning up THAT flower bed. I even mowed the main part of the lawn and that looks so much better….OMG I was so exhausted by the time we were done.

But it was a good weekend of jobs well done. This week I am starting on my screen porch so I can move plants out there and start living out there again. I have missed it. And now with all the new screen? NO BUGS!!!

Gary and I make a good team. We get a lot done………..and it makes me feel accomplished. I haven’t felt that in a long time.

orange cream

Here ya go Colin………..*hic*

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Day 3

Instead of sitting back in the lunchroom doing nothing, I take my protein shake and walk for 30 minutes. Today I had my ham wrap and walked for 20 minutes. I’m actually really enjoying this now that the weather is getting better. It’s a bit nippy out today but invigorating.

say my name 3 times

Today I’ll leave you with the following thought: Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. ~Henry Ford

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I Sh*t you not!!

Good Morning one and all. We are on day 10 with NO new C-19 cases!! WOOT!! Hope you all are doing well in your counties too. Sending virtual hugs and stuff.

hug me im trying


So I have a theory. This plant is from Nick’s funeral. For the LONGEST time, those little leaves on the bottom? Would grow this big, then die off one by one. New ones would replace the ones that died off.  Some of those leaves are no bigger than my thumbnail. They only grew that big.  Till Gary and I started dating. They were MORE leaves. Just never any bigger.

Gary and I broke up and this just sat there. No new leaves, no BIGGER leaves. Just dormant.

Then Gary and I got back together.
And now this happened! Since he and I got back together, these new leaves had SHOT up.

What is YOUR theory? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Tell me what YOU think…..

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I get this newsletter called “Up North News”

This was from the editor today. I don’t know how to credit this as there really isn’t a name…..?

Good morning.

You probably saw the people who spent time this weekend outside a mall in Brookfield protesting the measures that have kept more Wisconsinites from dying as the coronavirus claimed its 220th life here and 40,000 nationwide. They believed they were engaged in a demonstration of strength. They were not. That was weakness on display; specifically, we were seeing the weakest links in a chain that has to hold or the virus will spread further, faster and overwhelm our smaller communities and claim even more victims. True victims. Not the victimhood of being unable to go into the malls for a little longer. 

There was at least one restauranteur at the event who got plenty of attention by announcing he was going to reopen  as a form of protest. (Or really savvy marketing.) But instead of giving moe free advertising to someone whose actions would harm the women and men busting their butts to keep Wisconsinites alive, let’s instead promote a couple of their lifesaving colleagues, nurses in Denver who properly, peacefully held their own counter-protest. These real life angels were sworn at, honked at, told that liberty itself was underthreat.

The thing is, the phrase says “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Life comes first, or there is no liberty. These nurses understand that.

Perhaps some of those who are thinking about protesting later this week will come to understand this as well because all week long they’re going to be reminded that the human toll of this pandemic continues to mount, continues to matter more than when the malls will reopen; and weakness is no way to fight a virus still very much on the attack.

Hope this helps people understand…..

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