I get this newsletter called “Up North News”

This was from the editor today. I don’t know how to credit this as there really isn’t a name…..?

Good morning.

You probably saw the people who spent time this weekend outside a mall in Brookfield protesting the measures that have kept more Wisconsinites from dying as the coronavirus claimed its 220th life here and 40,000 nationwide. They believed they were engaged in a demonstration of strength. They were not. That was weakness on display; specifically, we were seeing the weakest links in a chain that has to hold or the virus will spread further, faster and overwhelm our smaller communities and claim even more victims. True victims. Not the victimhood of being unable to go into the malls for a little longer. 

There was at least one restauranteur at the event who got plenty of attention by announcing he was going to reopen  as a form of protest. (Or really savvy marketing.) But instead of giving moe free advertising to someone whose actions would harm the women and men busting their butts to keep Wisconsinites alive, let’s instead promote a couple of their lifesaving colleagues, nurses in Denver who properly, peacefully held their own counter-protest. These real life angels were sworn at, honked at, told that liberty itself was underthreat.

The thing is, the phrase says “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Life comes first, or there is no liberty. These nurses understand that.

Perhaps some of those who are thinking about protesting later this week will come to understand this as well because all week long they’re going to be reminded that the human toll of this pandemic continues to mount, continues to matter more than when the malls will reopen; and weakness is no way to fight a virus still very much on the attack.

Hope this helps people understand…..

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11 thoughts on “I get this newsletter called “Up North News”

  1. Still, you cannot shut the world down because of a pandemic. People have to earn a living. Insisting on other prophylactic measures is one thing, but this world wide shutdown is not sustainable. And truthfully, it HAS been politicized …


  2. The more I think about…I think that it’s too early to open up because of the virus, but at the same time, we do need to open up and save the economy. So just like the ones in grocery, medical fields, transportation, etc…we will eventually have to take more chances…and then there is the “but” part of it of another possible wide spread after the calm.

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  3. People do not want to be told what to do, it’s as simple as that. I think most do think it’s political. What’s funny, is that initially, Trump was blowing it off and when he did so these same folks rained all over him. Now they are raining all over him for his cautiousness. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Some days, you just can’t win no matter what you do.
    I say, let folks do what they want and perhaps they will self annihilate and that will solve the problem. Easy peasy.

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    1. The way they vilify him is amazing. You are right. He’s damned if he does and damned if he don’t. Those people are the mental ones.


  4. Unfortunately those that ‘do as they want’ may swamp the health service, keeping others away from treatment and threatening the lives of all manner of health workers. I am so desperate to see my children and my grandchildren, but if that means putting them at any kind of risk, then it’ll just have to wait. Just stay at home until the time is right… Keep safe on and all.

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    1. I haven’t ‘seen’ my g’kids since about Valentine’s Day except by video chat. And little 1 year old Willa doesn’t understand why Nonna won’t pick her up. It breaks my heart.

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