I Sh*t you not!!

Good Morning one and all. We are on day 10 with NO new C-19 cases!! WOOT!! Hope you all are doing well in your counties too. Sending virtual hugs and stuff.

hug me im trying


So I have a theory. This plant is from Nick’s funeral. For the LONGEST time, those little leaves on the bottom? Would grow this big, then die off one by one. New ones would replace the ones that died off.Β  Some of those leaves are no bigger than my thumbnail. They only grew that big.Β  Till Gary and I started dating. They were MORE leaves. Just never any bigger.

Gary and I broke up and this just sat there. No new leaves, no BIGGER leaves. Just dormant.

Then Gary and I got back together.
And now this happened! Since he and I got back together, these new leaves had SHOT up.

What is YOUR theory? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Tell me what YOU think…..

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14 thoughts on “I Sh*t you not!!

      1. I love that he lets you know through living things, keeping an eye on you, knowing that you’ll understand him when he needs you to. πŸ™‚

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