So I dove into ANOTHER project last night…

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You can tell the before and after. I have 3 more coats of paint I want to add to fill in on top.  But I’m LOVIN’ it.

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17 thoughts on “So I dove into ANOTHER project last night…

  1. LOL She was special. I waited to redo things for after she passed because she sure was hard on things. Not so much when she was little but for some reason as she got older, she protested. I guess she got to be a cantankerous old lady. I miss her, but not that. LOL

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    1. I will be painting the inside of Lorenzo’s closet over the next few days. Adding extensions to my dining table and painting all of that cream color instead of that off blue. I have a 3rd bedroom upstairs to gut and redo. Also 3 doors to replace. Wanna come HELP????

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      1. Today I have painted the main bathroom ceiling and the re-hung the blinds and the door. The door now creaks – it has never creaked before. I seriously doubt that anyone would want to set me free with tools in their home. I am a liability even with a paint brush.

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