…Nonna couldn’t stand it anymore. I took a half day last Friday and went to see my littlest bug. She toddled across from her car to me, crawled in my arms, laid her head on my left shoulder and did a death grip on my upper arms….for like 5 minutes. I tried to pull her up so I could see her face and smooch on her and she wasn’t having it. Just hugged and hugged me.
Willa at park 42420
Monday, my daughter calls “I’m bringing you lunch” OK. “I have the kids. Come sit in the car with us.” OK. Little Bug sitting back there. I  looked back at her. She leaned forward, cocked her head to one side and says “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” I’m laughing.

Willa eating Monday
Her hair is growing in. Fast. She walks so well now. Saying words. I live for the day she says “Nonna!”

Yes, she blew one sock. She’s like her Nonna. Hates to wear shoes and socks. LOL



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