First and foremost. I almost cried when I heard Brian Dennehy passed away. My hats off to a wonderful actor. I thought he was awesome, handsome, and played every part he took to the hilt. My heart goes out to his family. My heart goes out to all who have passed recently and their families knowing myself how hard it is to wait for the funeral/memorial services due to this stupid virus.

FROM MY UPNORTH NEWS: ……. Wisconsin is approaching 4,000 cases and 200 deaths. Those 197 lost lives are tragic, but it’s not 440 or even 1,500 thanks to you and the sacrifices we’ve all made.

But there is clearly more that can be done or done more thoroughly. One need only look over at Minnesota, a state with a similar population, which has fewer than 2,000 cases and fewer than 100 deaths.

Please stay safe everyone. Just stay safe.

Now….onto my ……… house saga.

The chair saga is almost over…. So this is how they start out……Dusty and ….orange?Resized_20200413_175658_9873
Whomever thought orange was a good color for upholstery…………..? *rolls mah eyes and toddles off to find mah shotgun…………..*

A while back, I saw something online about upholstering chairs using sweaters you can’t wear & the Good Lord knows they do NOT sell at Garage sales. (Maybe they will now…?)

This was the first chair I did. Absolutely loving how it turned out. A little Murphy’s, a little elbow grease and wow. Just look how it came around … looking good!
SR desk chair
So the first sweater did two chairs. I used the front above. And the back below. Then last night I wanted to get what I thought was one more chair done. Turns out there were 4! yay….So I found another sweater and did the other two chairs last night.Resized_20200416_183612_8718
I have ONE screw that won’t behave. The back right corner won’t catch on the purple one above. I may have too much sweater material in there. But I was DONE last night. I’ll look at it tonight. And fix it.Resized_20200416_192239_9420
This was so satisfying to accomplish. I love how they turned out. I hope you all give it a try!

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4 years ago today.

Just look at the smile on his face.

He was loving that day.

Still a quiet sadness that I can’t hold him anymore.

I’m doing much better.

The loss will always tilt my world. I just have to ride it that way.

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4 Years ago tomorrow…..

As I read this on my FB memory feed this morning, I searched inside for the pain to get a handle on it before it grabbed me around my throat.

It wasn’t there.

Just a calm sadness.

Memories coming back that made me smile this time. It was SUCH a great day. Nick rode that high for a week. SO many people came. I think it surprised everyone but me just how many people would show him how much he was loved. One of our friends was leaving when I finally caught up with her. “you’re leaving already??” “We’ve been here 2 hours….” OMG….I never saw them for the crowd…It was nuts and it was awesome.

A little over 3 months later he was gone.

I will miss him forever. We had a good run.


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…Gary gave me three chairs like this. Old, sturdy, pretty except for the seat cover.

The orange is before.


The cream is after. Looks MUCH better doesn’t it? It’s one of my old sweaters. Reuse! Reduce! Recycle!! LOL. I love it. Wiped it down with Murphy’s oil soap, recovered that awful orange and I have a NICE desk chair for Lorenzo!SR desk chair
This chair and a half came from Gary’s shop too. He didn’t want to throw it because it’s still in great condition. I needed something better than that orange flowerdy monstrosity already in there, so I said I would ‘dispose’ of it for him. It fits very nicely in this corner of the room.SR big chair

Speaking of foreign exchange students, I got a message about Khet (Sarit). (Khet is his preferred Nickname) I had to approve a double placement. Which I HOPE means that the principal at the HS said YES!


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My old man….

…turned 11 human years old on Valentine’s Day. That’s 85 in dog years. He’s looking his age. He’s developing lumps. Some are just the fatty lumps they get. Some…are not. They are hard lumps. The one from his throat a few weeks ago? …still there. Not full of infection any more but a hard lump now. He doesn’t have trouble breathing. It just makes ME nervous.

Easter Jegs petting

My old man. I love him so. I took him to Gary’s house with me on Saturday. We did a walk on the path they have around the town. It’s really pretty. Got him out a bit and wore down his toenails some. (The groomer in town did a lab a few months back, cut the toenails too short, infection killed the dog within a month…so I am not going to her and haven’t found anyone new yet.) The walkabout may have been too much. That night he got up to come get some pettimgs and stumbled. Getting up from the bed. So he sat for a few. Then tried to come over by us. And stumbled on the hardwood floor. Then stumbled again. I’m rather worried. Any time I’ve gotten since he was 8 1/2 has been a bonus.  Brandi, Muffin, Bear…all were lost at 8 – 8 1/2 yrs old.  Kelly was 3. Bohdi was 1. Easter Jegs snuggles with mom
He just needed to snuggles by Mom last night. He was pooped. He cannot get up on my bed anymore so lays right next to it on a fluffy rug. I need to find a puppy for him to train.

And soon.

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……when this Covid crap ends? The family memorial services begins.

My uncles. Brothers of my dad. Two of them.  Uncle Bert. (his wife Aunt Ruthie turned 98 in March I believe)

Bert and Ruthfamily reunion alcatraz 010

Uncle Lee  (and Aunt Della we lost in 2014)Screenshot_20200409-141247_ChromeScreenshot_20200409-144104_Chrome

Mary Ellen. (in blue shirt below) Wife of my dad’s first cousin, Lyle. (we lost Lyle in 2007)Resized_Screenshot_20200409-141209_Chrome_444

Her daughter and I grew up a year apart in school but close friends. Dad’s mom and Lyle’s dad were brother and sister. Lyle’s family grew up in the house my Grandmother was born in.

The lady in the Pink we thought we were going to lose last week. Mary Ellen’s sis in law. It never ends. So far she is getting better. Was in ICU last week and not looking good for her.

This getting old shit is for the birds…..

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Friday afternoon was NOT good…

Gary and I have been kind of distant…for lack of a better way of putting it….for a few days. Friday he got mad because I hadn’t text him.  I was busy. “We are all busy honey.” No. We are BUSY. I am rather amazed. But it’s OK. Better than sitting here at work twiddling my thumbs all day.grief never ends
Anyway…on Friday(I had taken the afternoon off) I had to go out to the garage for a tool. Brandon borrowed me his scraper/sander tool and I needed to change the heads on it. I needed an Allen wrench and of course NONE of the ones I have in the house are the right size.  So out to the garage I go to dig through the red upright tool box.

Grief is the last act of love
I started digging, thinking I knew where it was, and suddenly it hit me. Again. This is HIS tool box. He should be digging through it. I could only see him standing there with that grin on his face. Never so happy as when he was getting dirty playing with cars and his tools.

I promptly lost it. Just stood there with tears streaming. It’s been almost 4 years dammit! Why now??

Because I think it finally hit me. I have to let Nick out to let someone new in. I have to let him go. Or this will keep happening. I have to let Nick go. Do you have ANY idea how scary that is?

Gary and I had a long talk yesterday. Started at 10:35am and went into the evening.  And it finally hit me that to be able to keep him in my life, I have to MAKE room for him. I have to move Nick into a new place.

This is not saying Gary and I are moving in together or getting married. It’s just to make THIS relationship work – ANY relationship work – I have to let Nick go.

That’s gonna be one HELL of a scar.

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