I forgot to write yesterday??

Babies Stella tongue out20200522_183631Babies upside down

First some photos to make you smile. These guys are hilarious. I’m really enjoying them.

babies Louie sleeping on my shoulder

Yes, he sleeps like that.

babies Stella snuggled up

She has to snuggle up by my side.

They are SO happy to see me when I get home from work. It’s really cool.

Now on to the bad news.

Last Sunday, my friend Charlie passed away. I think I said something about driving to Park Falls, WI to see him in the rehab center in early March.

Then I talked to my friend Jon’s daughter. Jon has been my friend since the mid 80’s. He’s the one I told I didn’t want in my life til he sobered up.

JonL now

Well…….Jon has liver/abdominal cancer and doesn’t have a lot of time.

So I guess it’s time to mend that rift huh? I text him today. No answer. I may try call tonight.

Or Tomorrow night.

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So guess what I did Thursday night??

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Jegs likes them….

Stella is the brown female. She LOVES Jegs.

Louie is the black male. He likes the cat.

They sleep until 5:30 am.

Then we are off and running!!

I dread going back to work Tuesday…

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What I did on vacation….

I wonder just how many people bought that Grey 16 drawer thingy with machine screws, wood screws, nails, etc in it … way back in the mid 80’s. Menards had them for sale all the time. A JUST GETTING STARTED
Well daughter (Now age 32) tipped mine over somewhere between May of 1989 when we moved into that house on the hill and 1994 when I moved out. A GETTING THEREI finally got around to sorting it all out, dumping out Asian beetles, flies and cobwebs.A ALMOST DONE
I even got rid of bent nails … I have NO idea why they were kept. Probably because my grandparents lived through the depression. My father was born during the depression. You learned to FIX things instead of just throwing them away like we do now. If I didn’t have so many nails etc, I would have straightened and used them instead.

I labeled my drawers. Short stubby screws. Short machine screws (how many women on here know the difference?) Misc medium screws. REALLY long screws. Misc Crap. Doors/Windows. Clamps and such. Allen Wrenches. (anyone find those in the photo?) Misc Nails. LONG nails. Panel nails.

I actually enjoyed doing this last night.  My next project? Is sorting all the screws into the OTHER grey box back by the HUGE cookbook.


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Almost 20K? In 1 DAY??

side lawnSCREEN PORCH 52318 I mow an acre of land. Usually by riding mower.received_233717637931854
And this is only the East and North side lawn of the house. Saturday, Gary couldn’t get my rider to keep running yet. So he and I pushed my acre. 19,350 steps later, I cannot move. I cannot walk. My hands hurt from the push bar on the mower. I got up at 5am to use the loo, my SHOULDERS literally screamed at me “WTF are you DOING??” But my WHOLE lawn is mowed finally. And hopefully the rider is ready on Tuesday because of the sun and rain we got the last 3 days? I’ll have to mow by Wednesday again.

Yes, River, I know you have more. And I know you have a HUGE rider to do it. If I could have 5 acres I would. I want 5 acres. I NEED 5 acres. But I don’t have. Dammit.

After I was done? I treated us to this. Vanilla ice cream drowning in strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and bananas with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on top. So there … pfffft

That morning for breakfast? Bacon Steaks. That’s a 12×12 Pampered Chef Grill pan. I wish I could say they tasted as good as they looked but………..not really. Somewhat disappointing for farm to table, no store or middle man in there. So I expected them to have the ‘make your jaw ache’ goodness ……

It rained all of Sunday so no outside projects got done but the rod in the closet of Lorenzo’s room got repaired. 2 extra brackets put in.  Bed in front room stripped and I will remake it and vacuum just before my next guests arrive June 1.  I was hoping to have the new balcony door installed by then too but it’s not looking good.

My hands still hurt today where the bar on the push mower was. I feel like I have shin splints on the side of my calves. But it’s a good hurt because the lawn is done and it looks great.

Tonight, Lorenzo wants to facetime!! First time! It will be fun!!

Later taters!!

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Just a little view of where I live…

Lovely Downtown Riverside Park LiveCam

This is the 7 Rivers Region.

The Mississippi, Black, LaCrosse, Bad Axe, Trempealeau, Root…. and I can’t recall the other one. This photo shows the airport. It is on French Island. That is where Nick lived from age 15-18. His mother lived there up until about 6 years ago. My work is just across the water to the right and down. The highway you see running by the airport across the water is I90. It’s what I take to Minnesota to see the family.  If you can find the baseball field…I work halfway between I90 and that baseball diamond. My company supplied all the cable for the overhead supports  holding the canopies up on that field.FRENCH ISLANDI love this area. The rivers are so beautiful. The LaCrosse and Black Rivers converge with the Mississippi here and as you can see, created some beautiful islands. We are known as ‘The Driftless Area’ meaning the glaciers basically ‘split’ and went around on both sides of us. The green area is where the Glaciers missed.
driftless areaI live in Trempealeau County. If you look across the state border into Minnesota, you see Rochester where the famous Mayo Clinic started. Gary and I go there regularly as he lives only 15 minutes from Roch. If you find Vernon County….I grew up straight west of there in MN.  It is a very beautiful area and we do call it God’s Country. Because I hope no man is arrogant enough to think HE created that beauty.


…….now you all know where you can stalk me from your vehicles.

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My AirBnB guests….

………as usual…..are wonderful people. I will enjoy this couple. She’s a professor and I don’t know what he does yet except duck to come in the door. Holy cow he’s tall.

Tonight………….omg! I’m so excited! The next step in finishing up my clothesline is TONIGHT!!! Cement around the pole and add the clothesline line!!! How sad is that how excited I am over this???? I should get a photo huh? Sorry.

Last night I tried video calling my daughter. She didn’t answer but about 10 minutes later she called me back. I could see Willa watching the phone …
willa first look

……………………………………. and as soon as my video came up, her face just LIT.

Willa second look
She still steals Mommy’s phone and runs off with it, hugging and kissing the phone. I especially love it when her face is covered in chocolate and she kisses Mommy’s phone

The joys of Grandchildren………………..and paybacks daughter. LOL!!

(photos are of different videochat sessions. Just using to show how her face LIGHTS up so pftttttttttttttt)

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It’s been a week….

all my people skills are in this cup

I opened my AirBnB again April 1 I think. Nothing for weeks.

Monday BAM “We are coming June 1-6″

Tuesday BAM We are coming Thursday thru Sunday Oh and we need another bed for our daughter.”


I go in and my listing says FOUR??? No. 2. Damn. So I have to open the student’s room. Gary and I spent over an hour last night getting that room ready. It’s already ready for my student, but I took everything out of the closet. So we just moved it all over to the room I have to gut so I can sort and it’s out of Lorenzo’s room. Closet rod needs fixing so that will get done this weekend.

So many things to do and so little time.

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