So I spent yesterday in my Jammies. OK, I do own a couple pair just because on occasion I do not dress for the day.

I’m not sure what did it but I put my back out bad enough that the 15 second walk to my bathroom from my bed? Took several minutes yesterday morning. Bending down to pick up Stella and Louie……….? ow. Nope. They did OK until 5pm last night when they decided to explore. And I couldn’t catch them before they made it to the Edge parked at the end of my driveway. They got in trouble and were kenneled up for over an hour while I calmed down from THAT little adventure. I couldn’t run to catch them fast enough. So now the portable pen is up and that is their potty till my back is working again. I have a 2:45pm chiro app’t today. I cannot wait. I hope this fixes. I know I’ll be sore for days yet.

Saturday, Janet and I are going up to Jon’s Celebration of Life. I still cannot believe he is gone. 3 weeks. They found out 3 weeks before he died that he had liver cancer.  I can’t wrap my head around it. Another one.

I am headed to the pet store for extra small harnesses for the two hooligans.  I can’t run after them right now. So sorry guys!!

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9 thoughts on “Right???

  1. Wow! I guess it’s common with liver cancer, I guess. My step dad found out on Friday and passed away on Tuesday. I have a whole drawer of Jammies. I can’t sleep in the skinny, like some people can.

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      1. My sister liked gowns, but poor thing, even before she died, she slept on her back with her hands crossed in front of her and didn’t move a lick! Me, I get all tangled in them. I like something over me other than a sheet.


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