My Genuine 3 hole brick shit house….

3holer front3holer door side3holer door side front3holer much better3holer back3holer door side done3holer right side done3holer front half done3holer front done3holer left side done

….got cleaned up around yesterday. River? Please do NOT show this to Fred, he’ll want to redo that lean to. And fix its door. And paint it.

The fencing will most likely get burned. It’s rather rotted. But Gary has to put new wheel bearings in the front wheels of my John Deere so I can use the cart to haul them over to the burn pit. Too heavy to carry.

The woodchuck has gotten a bit of a reprieve with my back going out. But by hook or by crook he’ll be gone by next weekend. I can’t have it undermining my garage any more.

I HUNG 3 LOADS OF CLOTHES ON MY CLOTHESLINE THIS WEEKEND!!! Do you have a clue how HAPPY that made me???

I have another Chiro app’t at 4pm today. Hopefully this finishes it up. HATE hurting.


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17 thoughts on “My Genuine 3 hole brick shit house….

  1. A three hole shit-house? You have trumped the blog which I have just finished writing for publication tomorrow (…Rebuild at Leisure) Oh well, publish and be damned, there’s nothing else for it! Check it out tomorrow. Hope the next Chiro works out and you’re back up to full speed soon. PS what is a woodchuck?

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  2. lol. My grandpa built his, over the creek, so there were never any bad smells … our way. It was the 50’s. The environmentalists today would have had a field day with him on that one. I remember the adults guffawing about us never having to flush. I remember paying attention to which way the creek flowed too and made note not to play in that directions. I was only there for the summer and he also included different size holes, I guess for us little guys, but even so, the fear of falling into the flowing water below was rather intimidating.

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