Lots of wood…..

So I am moving my wood so it’s all on pallets and won’t stick to the ground come winter.

7 chunks end view
Damn things were HEAVY. But they are almost all on pallets and under cover now.8 chunks side view
Freaking things wore me out.9
The bark on the ground, I need to pick up and haul to the brush pile yet.6 4 big chunks
These 4 were too big for me to haul. I’ll have to drag them with the JD and some straps. 3 top half long branch
This is the top half of the branch that hung over my garage. 4 bottom half long branch
This is the bottom half. All those pieces need split.
5 base of long branch tree
I got a bunch from the bottom of that tree too. Now to clean that up. And let the flower grow again.1 under pine tree
I hauled a bunch of broken brick from where there is only soil. The flagstone you see will be my patio one day. Soon.2 brick pile
This is another pile of brick, broken brick, wood chunks and a car hood along with both my old bath tubs. I’m gonna list those and see if some Catholic wants one for their yard.

Know anyone? They need to haul…

I’m sore.

The brick are a combo of old and new. What is left from rebuilding the back door and what was salvaged when they took that back door down. I have people constantly leaving me notes about buying them. So time to move them further back out of sight. I have another project I want done so I am sorting out the broken, stacking the good ones on pallets and they will be stored over where that damn woodchuck was. I kept shoving cat shit down his hole. He left. Thank God. I hope my garage floor is OK.  We are to get rain every day this week so this pile will be worked on next weekend. July 4th. I am going to Kris’s camper to watch with her. Gary hasn’t talked to me since last Thursday except to tell me about the Tornado between him and me in Stockton.  Nothing all day today yet. I’m not the one who stopped talking. I already asked what was wrong. Ball is in his court. I was perfectly happy home alone all weekend.

Just me, Jegs, Sprint, Stella and Louie.

And Joel. My AirBnB customer. He was so sweet. And is welcome back anytime.

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12 thoughts on “Lots of wood…..

  1. Boo, who knew that cat shit could ever be useful? I’m impressed with your ingenuity. Hope things work out for you and Gary. Clearly, you’ve had quite a work out without him. If you ever need extra work, come and see me? I have this broken down old hot tub that needs to be really broken down and hauled off! Anyway, I don’t know how you did all of that! Dang, Woman! I’d say you deserve a nice soaking in a tub full of epsom salt. Mona

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They said make it uncomfortable. They are destructive little bastards. (Don’t tell River, I actually caught it, boxed it, and it’s on it’s way to her to add to her Wild Kingdom collection!)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah! I didn’t really want to kill it to get rid of it. I kept making it uncomfortable. I hope he moved back to the woods and off my place.

      Liked by 1 person

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