…with a fence!! The ‘black box’ is my compost bin that FINALLY got put together. The ‘Pallet’ on the left is keeping the tarp down over my wood.garden and wood

Speaking of wood…this is my poor white lilac. We cut out probably half of it for dead and dying wood. It will give me a day or two of heat this winter.

As long as Gary had the chainsaw going, we cut up a bunch of other stuff , then commenced to cleaning up the spot for my garden.

It used to look like this:wood before

Then it looked like this:wood house view

And now it looks like this:

garden and wood
I’m lovin’ it. I planted 12 hills of potatoes, 1 Roma tomato last night. Too windy to put the cherry tomatoes out so I’ll do that tonight. I also want to put green beans and peas along the fence. I need to get a pellet gun and take the screen out of my dining room window. LOL……..

I have a bunch of chunks that need splitting up yet. And I can’t find a damn handle for my axe head. First one was too big. Second one is too small. I feel like Goldilocks. Damn.

I got a FB message from Jon’s daughter this morning. She has a hunch today is the day he dies. The ‘death rattle’ breathing is happening now. So Saturday there will be a celebration of life for him. I’m going. Alone. (well Janet may go with me. She grew up next door)

Y’all have a wonderful evening.

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Thank God it’s the weekend. These two keep me laughing and smiling….Two little faces
But I’m finding myself struggling again. June and the Bittersweet Farewell Tour 4th anniversary is coming up. My friend Charlie died and my friend Jon is in Hospice care. He is 12 days younger than me.
JonL now
Others are getting on my nerves and I am finding myself getting frustrated very easily. This Covid Conspiracy Crap is MORE than …………… I’m at a loss for words.

Thousands including Biden are to be at George Floyd’s funeral but ‘regular’ people can’t have services for their loved ones. WTF?

None of this has ever made sense to me. And I’m beyond tired of it. I refuse to wear a mask because I can’t breathe in it. But I’m frowned on it for that. Up yours. If I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.   WTF?

I just want to be home. Essential people were sposed to get extra pay for putting themselves at risk. My business supplies emergency services, farmers and the food industry so we had to stay open. I haven’t seen ONE extra penny. WTF?

I need time alone. I need to be in Italy where I feel grounded. I need to be with the grandkids……

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SO hard….

Two little faces
These two little faces were peeking out from under my comforter this morning.

They actually asked me to stay home from work today. It broke my heart to tell them no, Momma has to work so I can FEED you. And give you treats! And get you toys! And and and….

How adorable is this???


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