Storm damage yields more winter wood!

The stumps need splitting. My friend Joe may come over and help with that.  SD branches
These don’t look very big but they are bigger around than my arm and 5′ long. There’s a lot of wood there.SD leafy
I have to saw these up. They are fairly large too. And plenty of kindling.SD twigs
Plenty of starter stuff. I also tuck in and around chunks as they burn to keep them burning hot. I don’t throw much away from a branch that comes down.

A friend of mine can’t believe I hauled those big branches alone. Who else will do it? I have a JD lawn tractor and a pull behind cart. Easy Peasy. You do what you have to do when you live alone. I don’t have the choice of waiting for ‘the other half’ to do it because I don’t have one.

After Nick died, I really discovered how many things he did without telling me.

I wish he would have told me.

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7 thoughts on “Storm damage yields more winter wood!

  1. You’re good! It’s hard alone. Although I have my guy he’s never around. I might call in a plumber to fix my leak since it will be awhile if I have to wait for him.

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