My mood sucks….thanks sis!

…my bio one, River, not you. You would NEVER do to me what she has .

And because my mood sucks? y’all get this rant written by a friend in Michigan.



congrat revelers

Yesterday there was a customer in here using the N word. Mike says “well my bi racial children are pretty cool.” which stopped the guy.

I about came unglued. I was taught all are equal.

Jay and Tay

And I’m getting pretty protective my newest grandsons.

See their momma?? Didn’t want them. NONE in the black community wanted them (“But we take care of our own!”) ha.

They are ours now. We are keeping them.

They say I’m the BESTEST Gramma ever!

They’re right!


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9 thoughts on “My mood sucks….thanks sis!

  1. Ahhhh! My son adopted a bi-racial child and we love him to bits too! Racism is not one sided and this bull…t is a crock and an excuse to be barbaric, it’s end goal isn’t to end racism but to create a bigger chasm. I don’t get why people don’t see that.

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    1. My two are not bi-racial. And my co-worker doesn’t have any bi-racial children. He just said that to show You just NEVER know who you are talking about and that kind of language is NEVER OK. Mu co-worker has the best way of putting people in their place without being insulting.

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