This has been a shitty week….an addition..

…and it’s only Tuesday.

Got this from a dear friend today:
On Sunday in the later part of the afternoon my son and I went for a short ride in my mustang, visited my parents, no more than 2 hours.   Got home and found my wife on the floor below our steps to the upstairs in a pool of blood from her head,  she was unconscious and struggling to breath.  I had my son immediately call 911, and I gently lifted her head and upper body to an almost sitting position and her breathing got somewhat better.   I was so scared help would not arrive in time, but though it seemed like hours, the fire department and the ambulance arrived, took her to Emergency at ……  I am writing you from a hallway waiting room outside of the ICU.  Yesterday I was allowed to be with her.  Today they said they had made a mistake in allowing that and so I am no longer allowed to be in her room. She is still unconscious. She sustained fractures in 4 ribs, lung collapsed, they fixed the lung immediately I guess, fractures in the right side of her skull.   Today they allowed me to be a part of the group doing their rounds with her and each specialist gave reports indicating all was good for her health, except she isn’t yet waking.   She lifts her hands and her legs when uncomfortable.   I talked to her and I thought she looked like her eyelids were trying to open. They are removing the ventilator cause she really never needed it, they are inserting a feeding tube today.  Yesterday the brain surgeon said everything he saw looked OK, so no surgery no need for an MRI.   Today they are doing an MRI.   They are not worried about her not waking yet, and are encouraging me that this could take a few more days, but I am of course getting nervous about it.   She is in really good hands medically and has everyone praying for her, so I am confident she will wake up.  Don’t know what she will be like when she does, but they say it will take a long time to fully recover.  

This is crazy.  I am asking for prayers for his wife. He has been a dear friend to me and had given me lots of advice and direction when Nick got sick. This woman survived cancer. So he had lots of information the doctors and hospitals can’t tell you. Only a spouse knows this and can impart to others.

Then Friday is the memorial for my Uncle Bert at Portland. Saturday is the memorial for my Dad’s first cousin’s wife, Mary Ellen. Sunday is Portland Services and I’m not going. Next year will be the Memorial for Uncle Lee. I can’t run up there 3 days in a row so I am going Friday with Willa. Willa will wear me out if I have to run that many days in a row.

It’s over an hour one way.

And over an hour home.

For 3 straight days.

And Willa’s medication must be refrigerated.

Four years tomorrow.

Sick of grandson blowing me off. So I will go quiet.

I’m glad I have Friday off. I am so looking forward to having Willa all to myself.  I need to get Lennox all by myself for a weekend soon too.

I just need things to get back to as close to normal as possible.

I forgot to tell you about my 2 hour phone call Sunday night. The guy that took Nick to the Falcon Nationals a week before he died….is laying in the VA hospital in Minneapolis with ….. guess….pancreatic cancer. I talked to him on Thursday I think on my way home from work. His voice was so weak. He’s not tolerating chemo well, kidney function is less than 25%, you name it…..

I spent 2 hours on the phone Sunday night with his woman. Basically she wanted me to tell her how much time he has left based on my experience with Nick. I told her I couldn’t tell her that. But that I would look for the books a dear friend sent me (which I am afraid I may have already lent out and not gotten back…….dammit)

Too much shit is building up …….. I’m waiting for the dam to burst…..


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10 thoughts on “This has been a shitty week….an addition..

  1. Omg, so much sadness. Very sorry to hear all this. I’d send you my copies of the books but I let someone borrow them and haven’t seen them back yet either. Hang in there, do what you can to be there for those in pain…. and make sure you get plenty of grand baby hugs.

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