Well … it’s official……..

Dear EF host families, 

As President of EF High School Exchange Year, these past few months have presented me with some of the greatest challenges and hardest decisions I have made in my time at EF, and today is no different. It is with great sadness that I must share our decision to cancel the EF High School Exchange Year program in the United States for the fall of 2020.  

Concerns for the safety of our students, host families, coordinators and schools are at the heart of our decision, as COVID-19 continues to spread unpredictably. In addition to these concerns, logistical challenges surrounding student travel, school re-opening plans and new regulations provided by the U.S. Department of State, have led us to this challenging outcome. As difficult as this decision was, we are confident it is the right one.  

We are all heartbroken by what will be missed this year. Welcoming your students at airports across the country, bonding at a backyard barbecue and making new traditions. Celebrating first friends, goals scored and concerts performed. Going through so much together and, along the way, becoming family. 

Like I needed ONE more thing this week.

I will go to Naples as soon as I can. Or Lorenzo will come here. I really enjoy my newest Italian son. And I am beyond sad he’s not coming now.

I have no idea if things will change for a January arrival as hoped. So fingers crossed.

I made it through last night. I sat on the living room floor where his hospital bed was and just let the memories flood over me. I felt better faster. So I am healing. I hope. I pray.

I have been watching Outlander on Netflix. It’s so good. I have visited some of the areas where this series was filmed. I am also about 60% English/Scottish/Irish/Wales. No wonder why it feels like home when I am there. And how I love the land they ride across. It’s so beautiful in Scotland…..

My friend’s wife that fell down the stairs has opened her eyes and squeezed his hand. This is good news. They are looking at a minimum of 8 months recovery time but as we all know, everyone is different. It could be more, it could be less. Prayers, happy thots, good vibes or wishes are much appreciated.

I get Willa tonight until sometime Sunday. I am beyond excited and yet apprehensive. An 18 month old …..and 2 puppies age 4 months. This could get interesting!! LOL

Thank you for your wishes for me yesterday. I make it through. I always do. Just some days are harder than others. My love to you all…..

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13 thoughts on “Well … it’s official……..

  1. Sorry about the exchange students, but I can totally understand it. Much as I love to travel, I’m not going anywhere till this mess is over.
    Outlander! Adore it. Read all the books and have watched the series since day 1. Someday I’ll make it to my ancestral home in Scotland as well. Funny thing… the owner / bartender of our local pub? His nephew is the stunt double for Fergus. Small world.

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  2. Your little one looks like my Maggie May when she was that age with her scrunched up face.
    Sorry about the exchange student postponement, but it’s easy to understand. Many countries are not letting US visit because we DON”T have it under control an I can’t blame them. Is Outlander’s final season on or are you just starting it and going through it. I’ve seen through Season 5, but waiting for the final. I keep forgetting to check.

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