I need a rousing round of…………

……….something……..Drink? Sex? Drugs? Rock ‘n’ Roll? Who knows.

And because Gary and I broke up, and no one wants to start dating during this Covid BS, what’s a girl to do?


They love to snuggle not only with me but each other. Stella is getting so big. Louie just stays his cute little self.Stella and Louie 7272020

So. My crappy weekend.

Friday. Memorial Service for my Uncle. My dad, mother, Willa, and I were the only ones not wearing masks. Now. Keep in mind, NO ONE Is sick. But everyone is wearing a mask.


On a beautiful day.

But took them off for 30 minutes to eat lunch.

*rolls eyes* whatever. So many things I read state how they do no good. But to each their own. I’m tired of being bullied about it.

Saturday. Another Memorial Service for Coleen’s Mom. Coleen is my dad’s mom’s brother’s son’s daughter.

Get that?

I didn’t make it up for that service. I had Willa. I was exhausted from the day before. It was hotter than Billy Hell. And I had one more trip I was sposed to do back up there on Sunday for church. I didn’t go.

Instead, on Sunday, Willa and I met Mommy and brothers in town, then I went home, threw the milk in the fridge and ran up to Larry’s house to sit with him and Linda. I left about 4pmish. Larry died about 6:15pm. So another car man full of knowledge and humor is gone. He had the same cancer as Nick. Watching him restlessly sleep in that same type of hospital bed in the corner of his living room………July 21 flooded back.  But, believe it or not, I did OK. I just felt such sadness that with all the money thrown at this disease, nothing to control or cure has been found in how many years.

So I woke up with this today.  My nurse G/F asked when I had my blood pressure checked last. December I think. I’ve a cuff at home. I think. I’ll check it tonight.  I feel better than I have in a long time since I’ve been walking every lunch instead of eating. Pretty soon you can bounce a quarter off MY ass. LOLeye
My co-worker Mike can’t look at me. It’s freaking him out. So of course I walk up to him with my eyes wide open and bat my lashes. It doesn’t hurt. I can ‘feel’ it like maybe I rubbed it too hard. I mowed lawn last night. I didn’t get whacked in the face with a branch.

Oh! Now you can see my mole up close. Willa touches it and I go ‘Beep Beep!’ She giggles. I’ve done that with all my kids. I should get it removed.

So tonight I think I am going to start tackling my shed. Move stuff so I can get my truck and Mustang in there in a few months (sobs quietly). Both tractors should be in there too. I need to do it in the daylight as I have no lights in there.

Nothing to do tonight on the way home. Stella and Louie will love that. I forgot to leave the stereo on for them today. Then off to play in my shed. I’m going to have to get the kennel ready for them. They need to run. Little bundles of energy that they are.

Later taters…


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7 thoughts on “I need a rousing round of…………

  1. Yikes, that looks painful… glad it’s not.
    I’ll have to disagree with you about masks and leave it there.
    Sorry you had such a sad weekend. So much loss and grief these days…. cute puppies help.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Honey when you get my age you won’t care much about “what’s a girl to do?” stuff LOL In the meantime, there are things…….. uh, nevermind. 😶😐. I’m sorry about all your losses lately. ❤ CUTE picture of the pups!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oof, harsh weekend. I’m so sorry you went through all that. I hope you have plenty of drink, drugs and rock n roll to get you through. Or at least one of those 😉
    Take it easy, be gentle with yourself xx

    Liked by 1 person

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