It’s been a week from hell

and it’s only Wednesday.


I NEED to mow lawn. I’ve been putting it off because it’s been over 100* heat index this week. But I think I can’t tonight. It’s 93* right now. And I itch yet. It’s finally getting better. Running it’s course. It will be gone for a couple years now.

My 13 year old g’son is coming to stay tonight. I’ll let him work on the lawn with me.

He’s just too stinkin’ cute. Snuggles up on the back of the love seat and puts his head on my shoulder. We ALMOST got fetch down last night. We’ll work on that again tonight. AirBnB guest S is coming Thurs, leaving Sat. AirBnB guest Ann is coming Friday, leaving Monday.

AND I’m to have 2 six year old g’chilllun. *facepalms*

AND I have those two very energetic puppies.

AND it’s in the 90’s plus till Saturday.

It’s gonna be a LONG weekend. LOL

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What………..what tomatoes!!

This is pissing me off. And before you tell me to get them up off the ground, these are from the TOP of a 3 1/2′ tall plant. Most of my Roma’s are doing this! Why??

I can’t wait to harvest my potatoes. NOTHING like fresh dug taters to sooth a soul. Onions are coming along. I have to water tonight. We are not getting much rain lately.

So I had a motorcycle ride date on Friday. I took the afternoon off and Bob and I went on a 3 hour ride. It was very nice. BEAUTIFUL day. I got a little sunburned but it was a good time. He only talks to me if I start. So this morning I sent him Happy Birthday texts. He thanked me, said they were cute and I haven’t heard from him since. It’s ok. He’s planning on moving 3 hours away anyway.

Saturday…I had made a reservation for camping. I’ve gone alone before with just Jegs. This time I took Louie too. He was good as gold. Jegs? Not so much. He was awful in fact. Dragged a ton of sand into the tent which he didn’t do before. Plopped his sandy ass down in the middle of my air mattress. Would NOT move. When I rolled him off, he just laid there….he wasn’t happy with me, I wasn’t happy with him. Louie had no problem with me wiping his feet and he was good on the mattress. Of course he takes up 1/10th the room Jegs does.

First photo is my tent, Jegs having a snack and can you see the neighbors way back in the woods?

Second photo…see that pile of wood? Double it for $5 that is what you get because you cannot bring your own.

Third photo… view through the tent skylight. So peaceful…till they started singing Kum By Ya across the street….to guitars. *sigh*

Fourth photo…Louie will NOT walk on a leash worth a tinker’s damn as long as Stella is with. I usually carry him. But when it was just him and I walking? Good as gold. Walked along (or in his case scooted due to short legs) and kept right up. Didn’t stop except for peemail. He was my shadow, my constant companion. He never tried to run off. Such a good pup for 5 months old.

I ended up packing up and leaving by 7:30am. I was home by 8:30am. Which is fine. I MAY try again but wait till mid to late September. It was just too muggy out to really enjoy. I also have a NEW LIST to tape to the top of the camping box so I don’t forget anything.

Oh and Jegs doesn’t get to come along if I do. He’s just getting too old and has too much trouble for him to enjoy like we did 2 years ago.

I don’t think I can state enough what a pain this new editor is. 14 extra steps to do what used to take 2. Sheesh. If anyone has the directions to get rid of this and go back to the old? I’d appreciate it.

Stella was scared of me when I went to pick her up. She was Donnie’s shadow Saturday. He could pick her up and I couldn’t. Once we got home, SHE wouldn’t leave my side. LOL…I am taking both The Littles when I go next time.

Sunday was spent doing nothing much at all except 4 loads of laundry. Sheets and blanket from camping, changed my bed, and did all the towels from the last AirBnB. I need to strip that bed tonight, vacuum up stairs, wipe down and it’s ready to go again. I really enjoyed that couple. I hope they come back this way again.

It’s looking SO much better!!

And it’s stopped itching! Still looks awful but I can stand THIS as long as that incessant itching stopped. I have that on my right rib cage now instead.


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New balcony door from the inside. So purdy…..
I LOVE having a solid exterior door on here!!!
The glass is so purdy….
You can see what the old door and window were like.

This new editor is a joke. It won’t let me edit my photo. How does one go back to the old?? They say you can…I haven’t found it yet.

I have 2 screen doors to get now. This one is one I have ALWAYS wanted.

This is the type of screen door I want on the front door…. I don’t have this now. This is a photo from my walk one day on the Northside…..
New front door WITH WINDOWS!!!

Only problem now is I have to wear a robe to the bathroom!!

Original door

BUT LOOK AT ALL THAT NATURAL LIGHT! The old door had no window!

I am beyond excited about this.

New laundry room / screen porch door WITH A SCREEN WINDOW!!

I am absolutely over the moon with these!!!

Now. I have one question. What type of curtain for that front door? Something sheer to let light in but not so easily seen through. Bathrobes are not always in reach yanno…..


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I blew last night….

When I got home last night, I realized I smelled something funny.


Jegs? Is about to become a permanent outside dog. I’m done with him showing his distaste for the puppies by ruining my carpet.

So I just blew. Part of the reason I was so upset was that line from Gary’s text.

“…don’t know why I wasted a year and a half on you!! So stupid on my part.”

Between that running through my head and Jeg’s fucking up a corner of my carpet….I just lost it. Poor Dan. He called. Then just sat and listened as I ranted and cried.

But it’s out of my system now. I will not forgive Gary for that line. God must. I’m done.


Puppies were NOT happy with me mowing lawn last night. I had them in their outdoor kennel when all of a sudden Stella comes RUNNING towards me mowing. I shut down immediately and asked “Oh Stell! You silly girl, how did you get out of your pen ?? (thinking she had found a hole)” I walked back to the pen and *facepalm* I had put them in the fenced in part….but failed to shut and lock the kennel door.

So I just took them both into the kennel on the porch and finished mowing lawn. OMG you would think I cut their tails off the way they were WAILING at me! Wow. I wanted to vacuum out my car last night too but it was 87* when I was mowing. I was shot by the time I was done. But damn that mulching mower makes my lawn look SO nice. I feel good looking at it.

Went to hang another load of clothes on the line and found a couple spots I forgot to come back and finish mowing.


Guess what I’ll be doing tonight…….? After burgers with Lennox!! I get him for the weekend!!!

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I haven’t written in 3 days! Wth?

OK. So apparently we were not happy here,  I was NOT happy here. I did NOT care about him at all. I was a phony person.

Gary I am not sure about her


LOTS of text messages over the last 4 days but here’s the BEST ones.

“You are not the woman I thought you were.”

“I don’t why I wasted a year and a half on you!! So stupid on my part.”

Then he spent a day apologizing for the nasty shit he said. Then I get this last night:

“No comments mean to me you don’t care anymore. That’s ok and I surely will not bother you anymore……” (and it goes on and on) then I get ANOTHER text “It’s ok you do not need to respond!!!!

Then he CALLS. . . . . .

Last night I was out moving the dog fence to the kennel attached to the garage. My phone was actually lost for while. I had used it as a flashlight in the garage and forgot it there. Then forgot where I lost it. It was hot, humid and just annoying to be outside but the pen needed moving. And it’s done. They are LOVING It. And I have a door I can let them in and out of. Yay!

I’m rather intrigued to see what kind of nasty shit he sends today or apologetic again or if he’s gonna use something of mine AGAIN and just ignore me.


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I almost lost this little guy on Saturday morning…..beware of toads!
Yes you, you little shit.Sunday Louie 2
I love how he just drapes himself over me. Sunday Louie 3
Lays on my lap and just slides down….so I have to make a pocket for him so he doesn’t fall on the floor…..Sunday Louie 4
I love this little guy…he’s too cute for words…
Sunday Louie 1

Saturday morning, I let the kids out in the pen I put up off the screen porch….this time Louie heads right down the steps. Stella? ….. *facepalms*

So I got back on the porch, grab Stella and put her feet on the top step…then the next step and it’s like a light bulb comes on. *raises left eyebrow*

Meanwhile, Louie has done his business and is messing with something by the fence that stops them from going under the porch. All of a sudden he shakes his head, drops something and runs to me. He keeps shaking his head. I figured he’s finally gotten a thorn in his lip cause the dingbat likes to chew on blackcap stems. *raises left eyebrow  WAY up*

Nope, I go look at what he’s dropped and it’s a toad.


Google dog drooling after biting toad.


“Toad venom poisoning can be fatal if left untreated and signs can appear within minutes. The toxins can cause dogs to foam at the mouth, vomit and show signs of distress such as pawing at the mouth and eyes.”

Louie was foaming. And drooling. And shaking his head.


As there’s no antidote for toad venom, treatment typically involves trying to minimise absorption.
It’s likely the vet will flush out the mouth with large amounts of water. Medication may also be given to reduce the volume of saliva and to bring the dog’s heart rate to its normal rhythm.
Pets affected more severely may require more extensive therapy.


So I grabbed a bowl of water and a towel. I grabbed Louie, flipped him on his back so I could hold his head while I wiped out his mouth with the water. I didn’t use too much because they warn to NOT let them drink water.

It took a few tries but I wiped out his mouth. Then I wiped down his gums. Then I wiped out his mouth again. And his gums. Several more times with fresh water on a new place on the towel each time.

It took about 15 minutes of this before he got down, looked up at me, and just sat there. Stella wanted to play. He did not.

About 10 minutes after his rest? Back running like a fiend.

Close call. I was shaking. These little buggers are too special to me. The thought of losing either of them………

Then THIS stinkpot!Jegs and Sprint splayed otu
Three times I caught him up by or on the highway!! He got caught and spanked with a towel when I finally caught him….He hasn’t done THAT in 10 years!

I need to get a sign




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So I’m a bunch of places doing many things!

**Boo Boo’s Pizzeria & Cajun Cuisine – 5400 Cameron St., Scott, Louisiana 70583

**Boo Boo S Place was founded in 2010, and is located at 28 Camellia Dr in Ormond Beach, FL

**Boo Boo’s Placee 1016 Cotton St, Reading, PA 19602

**BooBoo’s Place. Residential Building (Apartment / Condo) in București, București

**BooBoo’s Buddies – 1749 Old Hot Springs Rd, Carson City, Nevada 89706

**Booboos Empty Nest, 944 Zion Rd, Blakely, GA (2020)

This one shows promise!!
**Boo | Handcrafted Burgers, Shakes & Fries |

  • 100% certified Angus Beef, ground fresh every day, complimented with freshly baked buns and daily supplies of the highest quality ingredients.



And the list goes on.

*huffs on nails*

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