I think I forgot to post…for several days!!

1.Birthday shout outs- Y’all do realize I’ve been doing that on the first of the month every month for awhile now…….? I am saying Happy Birthday to whomever has a birthday that month. Not that it’s MY birthday. You will KNOW when it’s my birthday month. LOL I’ll make sure of THAT! lol….
popping birthday balloon

2. Round-abouts – For those that just don’t GET it? You do NOT stop once you are in a round about. You do not stop for those wanting to join in. Once you are IN the round about you keep driving in that circle till you get to your exit. You do not stop to let other people in. This is how pileups happen. You simply do NOT stop once you are IN the circle. Is that clearer now? You also do NOT drive up and over the middle. *thud*RAB

3. Sheesh the weather sucks right now. It was a balmy 49*F this morning. AGAIN! But it is great sleeping weather. Great walking weather. Great………..um……..hmmm

4. Fred and I got the truck moving last night. The tires had sunk in JUST enough that it wouldn’t roll out under it’s own power. Fred  didn’t want to smoke the clutch trying so we just pulled it out. Then I took her for a drive to fill up with gas. I need to wash it. Scrub off some moss or whatever that is growing on the hood above the front tire and I will bring her in to work tomorrow. She’s driving me to a funeral on Friday. Everyone is to take their classic cars please. Like we did for Nicks.nicks-truck-with-stencil-1

5. 911 CALLS – It has been requested that people NOT overwhelm the 911 system with calls about face mask violations. My solution to that? If you are dumb enough to call the 911 EMERGENCY line to complain about someone not wearing a face mask, you better be prepared. I have heard talk of a $25 fine for the first violation for tying up an EMERGENCY line. You have ONE WEEK to pay it. If it is not paid, $50 is added to that fine. You then have 3 days to pay it or lose your driver’s license.  If people are that dumb to call 911 for a face mask violation? Then they deserve a fine. 911 is for EMERGENCIES not for complaining about your neighbors choices.


6. I would love to put a video on here but I don’t know how. Can anyone explain that? I see so many. Do I have to put it on YouTube first?

Ya’ll have a GREAT day!!

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6 thoughts on “I think I forgot to post…for several days!!

      1. We are single lane here. Most people don’t get signals on here because they turn their LEFT signal. You need your RIGHT one to get off. *thud*


  1. 1. I stopped having birthdays when I found out too many of them will kill you ..
    2. I just put it in 2nd gear, step on the gas and close my eyes ’til the honking stops …
    3. August in Central Texas. ‘Nuff said.
    4. Realized my new car is just about to become a classic. Time flies
    5. Never go anywhere, so I don’t need masks
    6. I think WordPress wants $$’s to put videos on


  2. You can upload a video if you have a premium account, although it takes forever with my broadband connection … or you can copy a YouTube url and paste it in. That’s what I do.
    And 911 for calling out non maskers? Ridiculous.
    That’s what social media is for.

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