So how’s everyone doing…?

My Stella snuggled up between us.

Louie…snuggled up with Jim. Apparently Louie likes him…..

The presidential debate is tonight. FIRST time ever I really want to watch and see just how bad Biden’s dementia is. My nurse friend’s eyes get really wide when they watch him and think Miss Harris will be president within a year. (Nasty comments will be deleted. Period. My page. My rules so please think before you try to blast ME for the medical community’s observation.)

Jim is coming up tonight and I’m going to outline our next big project. Moving all the shit in the shed so I can get the Mustang, The Truck, The F12 and the 8N in there. I don’t want them sitting outside in the elements any more. Besides, it would be nice to park in the garage and have a clean car instead of an iced one. I have a working garage door opener so why not use this?? lol

In order to fully utilize my garage there is a LOT of shit to get rid of. Car parts, 5 flatties, a 302 and a 428 SCJ motor, transmissions, tires, tools, radios, doors, washing machine that works, a 2006 Fusion with 62K miles on it that needs put back together…And I cannot even BEGIN to tell you what else…Most of it needs to be moved over to the shed. HOW is the question tho. LOL

Cleaned up around the front Honeysuckle bush and planted 12 crocus for spring. Cleaned up around the birch and planted 50 *looks blank* ..OMG what did we plan…oh ya…hyacinth bulbs. Looks SO much better. And I can’t wait to see how they look in the spring. I still have a few more bulbs to plant. I just don’t know where I’m gonna put them yet. I should add them over on the south east corner. No grass wants to grow there anyway…..

One hour and 45 to go. I can’t wait to get home tonight. I have so much on my list and I am tired so early bed tonight. After my friend Tom calls I hope. God I miss him. His ex wife sold me my house. He remarried a beautiful woman and moved to Texas. I’m hoping he calls…I know I’m gonna lose it when I hear his voice. He was such a good friend to Nick and I.

Puppies kennel came in off the screen porch last night. They are behind the couch. The kennel is too big to have out IN the living room but it works, so far, where it is. It’s only 57* today. I am actually going to have to invest in some little sweater for the furbabies. They shiver now when I take them outside. *sigh*

So I’m off to finish up a few things at work so I can leave at 4pm. I miss those little shits when I’m at work. Go figure.

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MNJim makes me feel guilty…

….for not doing Friday Five. I have to discipline myself to start doing it again. Happy now??

1.) My garden MASS produced tomatoes this year. I have given away a lot of them but made 3 meals of tomato sauce. Tonight I will put some on my veggie tray for my first ever Crab Boil. The cherry tomatoes? Got BIG! My potatoes (shown) taste SO good freshly dug! Green peppers, and leaf lettuce have been harvested so far. I can’t wait to try the carrots and the little eatin’ onions.

My taters and Stella’s butt

2.) Jim and I are getting things done around my house. Friday night is crab boil. Saturday I HAVE to move plants and plant some bulbs I bought. Sunday we split wood with neighbor Joe. Joe has a tractor with a wood splitter attached. It will make short work of what wood needs split. All the dry stuff is going into the basement and getting stacked. I will be a little more ready for when that white crap starts flying. I hope. I had a dream about that the other night. To everyone else it was raining. To me? We ended up with 4″ of white shit.

When the pile was young and small….lol It is 5x’s that size now.

3.) Puppies…what can I say about them? They are such a joy and the bane of my existence. I shampooed two carpets last night. First thing Louie does while I’m shampooing the second one?? Craps on the first one *facepalm* But he is so DAMN cute!!

Just look at that underbite!!

4.) I am so glad it’s Friday. Last night, Louie wouldn’t sleep. About 5 times he leapt off the bed (quite a feat for someone so small and a bed so tall!), out to the living room, growl then started barking. At 1am this is NOT a good thing. He didn’t sleep much last night so neither did Mom. *Yawn* Stella? Slept through it all.

5.) Took my 30 minute walk at lunch again today. Every day it doesn’t rain, I go. I am down 15lbs since Nick died. May not sound like much in such a while but it’s taken me from diabetic? to NOT. I’m happy with it. I feel better. Yesterday I had to RUN!! OMG…I know right? And it felt …wait for it….GOOD! I may add a little jog into my routine now and again. Ya, amazing huh??

So there’s MY Friday Five Jim. Wander through and say hello if’n yuve a mind to…….

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Hello people!

I sent my mother a letter the other day.

“After being worried all of 2012-2014, scared all of 2014 and 2015. And overwhelming grief mixed with rage since July of 2016….Do you have ANY idea how it feels to be alive again? To feel happy? Alive? Motivated? and actually WANT to see someone?

Ya. That’s me.

They are anxious to meet Jim. I think they think he pulled off a miracle.

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worthless new editor

Can’t put 3 photos in at the same time or run them next to each other. And this is an improvement HOW????

The view out my driveway Friday morning. Fog dancing over the top of the creek water, meandering down the little stream bed. I always love how this looks. Like a scene out of Willy Wonka with his marshmallow creme or cotton candy.

I got a phone call this morning. I have someone interested in buying my house. Now I have to decide if I am ready to move from here.

And lose my cotton candy clouds with the marshmallow creme stream.

Bald Eagles and coyotes…..

It’s a decision….

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Hope all are well!!

Some of the girls that moved to AZ after high school are coming home for the weekend. So we are having a get together Saturday. I can’t wait to see them.

I have to finish mowing lawn tonight. It was a balmy 37* this morning. I hated putting the Littles out on the screen porch but I must. Soon I’ll have to move the kennel back inside. I just have to figure out where.

Louie has an under bite. Every time I look at him, I smile and laugh. It looks like a perfect row of human teeth. Cracks me up.

I think he weighs in now at about 7lbs. He loves me. Has to be sitting on my lap or near me all the time. I love it.

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I don’t know what to write…..

Jim and I had a very nice evening at my house. We spent several hours talking about what we want, laughing, having some really good pizza, watching…something on TV I don’t remember what because there was Fireball and some kind of Cherry Liqueur….*hic*

Being able to be myself and not having to explain jokes is just so nice. Jim has told me he already booked the chapel. I came back with honeymoon details and we just laugh. When he told me he had and bought the preacher, I called him a cheap bastard as I haven’t gotten a ring yet.


Not getting married. And it’s something we talked about last night. I am STILL not interested in remarrying.

I know our weird chat is weird. But it’s fun because neither of us know what the other will pop up with and how fast we have a come back.

It’s fun.

I’m enjoying it.

And I’m enjoying LIFE again. It’s about damn time.

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Hello…didja miss me?

How awesome do these cheese plates look??? I’m having a bonfire on Sept 25th. I’ll be making these. Along with pulled chicken and I’m not sure what else yet. Suggestions? Please?

Jim and I are getting along like peas in a pod. He keeps spooking with little things that make me think Nick approves. Makes my friends think that too. Finding someone new after a death is WAY different and WAY harder than finding someone after a divorce. Fear is a huge factor. Jim is about the same age Nick was when he got sick. Don’t think that doesn’t mess with your mind.

We have a lot of fun talking and planning. He’s found an apartment and we’ll be moving him in about 2 weeks. He’s excited. It’s huge. And homey. He will need to buy new furniture. He wants me to help. Yess!!!!

I really enjoy this man in a TOTALLY different way. He makes my heart skip a beat and I haven’t felt that since Nick. I can’t wait to see him. I don’t have to explain jokes. I get a hug and we fit together.

It’s nice to feel this way again.


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