Did anyone notice it says STRICTLY ATTRIBUTED TO…? I’m not arguing this. I am just throwing out a fact that was researched by a man who literally directed air traffic during 9/11. I trust what he says.

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    1. In Texas, 1 test has counted as 30-40 cases. I have heard of several people gone in for something else, then got letters saying they tested positive for Covid when they weren’t even tested. I have NO faith in the numbers AT ALL anymore.

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      1. I’ve heard lots of things. I believe very few at this point and am getting very tired of people making public health and safety a political issue. I now personally know 4 people who’ve had Covid… it’s horrid. Period.
        Our neighbor’s grandmother just died of it. Was she old? 76. So technically, yes.
        Would she still be alive if she hadn’t caught it? Also yes.
        My husband is 73 with underlying health conditions. I take it seriously.

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  1. I agree. The numbers are probably inflated. People who would normally have died anyway are listed as COVID fatalities. People go into the hospital all the time and end up dying of pneumonia, so…? What’s the truth? Good question.

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