So….did anyone ELSE do this?


I have some type of small animal at my house that will be dying soon. Little Effer not only ripped up the first screen, NOW the little Effer has put a hole in my screen door AND IN MY BRAND GD NEW DOOR!!! It has ALSO ruined a BRAND NEW screen on my living room window!

I don’t care if you like little animals. That little asshat is too damn bound and determined to get in my HOUSE.

It dies.

And it dies soon.

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9 thoughts on “So….did anyone ELSE do this?

  1. I captures an opossum one night and put it in a rabbit hutch with that really hard wire and by next morning it had put a huge hole in it to escape. We had planned to take it out to the wilderness and let it go, but it wasn’t waiting. They have powerful teeth. Had I known, I wouldn’t have picked it up with just a blanket, so glad it chose to play dead.

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