It was an event filled weekend..

I bought a new bed. So we moved this wrought iron one into the spare room. The room I have to gut and redo.

We moved the brass one (see above) I had in here, into the students room. If I’d have known I was getting a male I wouldn’t have moved it.

I would have moved the wrought iron one down here first. Then we moved my new one into my room. I bought a queen. I like the size. It’s better fit in my room than the king was. The brass was too small as much as I loved it.

Now I want to start rearranging things in my room. I’ll be busy tonight.

Well I ended up with a puppy throwing up last night….so I didn’t do much of anything with my room. Maybe tonight…….

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13 thoughts on “It was an event filled weekend..

    1. That’s why I am keeping them all. LOL. God knows what I will do with them all when I move into a smaller house. I can’t see myself getting rid of any so my g’daughters better want one.


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