Can I have a breather? Please?

I got some more bad news yesterday in with some great news. Who knew?

Remember my friend Jon? The one 12 days younger? Died in June? Just found out yesterday his mother has stage 4 colon cancer. His daughter told me this as we are setting up a visit with her new little bug. I can’t wait to meet Arlo! I’m just so sorry Jon doesn’t get to. So I’ll give little Arlo Jon a hug & a smooch from G’pa. And G’pa Jon can watch down over him.

I miss him. A lot. I am very sad his mom is now ill. I need to get up there and see her. We only had 3 weeks from when Jon found out to his death. I hope I have a bit more time for Faye.

More sad news. Lorenzo is so hopped up to be in America, that he got an F1 Visa instead of a J1, has changed exchange companies and is now going to Scottsdale, AZ. I am beyond sad to not be hosting this fun young man. He will be coming in less than 2 weeks. He’s going to try to do a nice long layover in Minneapolis so I get to meet and spend some time with him. So please keep your fingers crossed.

And in good news, I get to see Jim tonight. Tomorrow not so much as I have yet another funeral. Sheesh. Another of my parents generation. There are so few left. I also have grandchildren overnight Saturday night which will cut into Jim time. (sounds like a workout ….. oh hush)

Have a great weekend! Hugs to you all!

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