Hello…didja miss me?

How awesome do these cheese plates look??? I’m having a bonfire on Sept 25th. I’ll be making these. Along with pulled chicken and I’m not sure what else yet. Suggestions? Please?

Jim and I are getting along like peas in a pod. He keeps spooking with little things that make me think Nick approves. Makes my friends think that too. Finding someone new after a death is WAY different and WAY harder than finding someone after a divorce. Fear is a huge factor. Jim is about the same age Nick was when he got sick. Don’t think that doesn’t mess with your mind.

We have a lot of fun talking and planning. He’s found an apartment and we’ll be moving him in about 2 weeks. He’s excited. It’s huge. And homey. He will need to buy new furniture. He wants me to help. Yess!!!!

I really enjoy this man in a TOTALLY different way. He makes my heart skip a beat and I haven’t felt that since Nick. I can’t wait to see him. I don’t have to explain jokes. I get a hug and we fit together.

It’s nice to feel this way again.


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31 thoughts on “Hello…didja miss me?

      1. It will be a while, I fear, haven’t been in a pub since the start of Lockdown. Not really the best of places to be at the minute. Hopefully, one day soon, they will get back to the way they used to be?

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      1. Hmmm Theres’ this really cool fondue dip, with cubes of french bread to dip, Swiss cheese and Sherry or vermouth. Crudites (fresh veggies to dip) Food wise though. If you want a meal with? Shish kebobs are light and they include veggies and meat or shrimp.

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