I don’t know what to write…..

Jim and I had a very nice evening at my house. We spent several hours talking about what we want, laughing, having some really good pizza, watching…something on TV I don’t remember what because there was Fireball and some kind of Cherry Liqueur….*hic*

Being able to be myself and not having to explain jokes is just so nice. Jim has told me he already booked the chapel. I came back with honeymoon details and we just laugh. When he told me he had and bought the preacher, I called him a cheap bastard as I haven’t gotten a ring yet.


Not getting married. And it’s something we talked about last night. I am STILL not interested in remarrying.

I know our weird chat is weird. But it’s fun because neither of us know what the other will pop up with and how fast we have a come back.

It’s fun.

I’m enjoying it.

And I’m enjoying LIFE again. It’s about damn time.

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