MNJim makes me feel guilty…

….for not doing Friday Five. I have to discipline myself to start doing it again. Happy now??

1.) My garden MASS produced tomatoes this year. I have given away a lot of them but made 3 meals of tomato sauce. Tonight I will put some on my veggie tray for my first ever Crab Boil. The cherry tomatoes? Got BIG! My potatoes (shown) taste SO good freshly dug! Green peppers, and leaf lettuce have been harvested so far. I can’t wait to try the carrots and the little eatin’ onions.

My taters and Stella’s butt

2.) Jim and I are getting things done around my house. Friday night is crab boil. Saturday I HAVE to move plants and plant some bulbs I bought. Sunday we split wood with neighbor Joe. Joe has a tractor with a wood splitter attached. It will make short work of what wood needs split. All the dry stuff is going into the basement and getting stacked. I will be a little more ready for when that white crap starts flying. I hope. I had a dream about that the other night. To everyone else it was raining. To me? We ended up with 4″ of white shit.

When the pile was young and small….lol It is 5x’s that size now.

3.) Puppies…what can I say about them? They are such a joy and the bane of my existence. I shampooed two carpets last night. First thing Louie does while I’m shampooing the second one?? Craps on the first one *facepalm* But he is so DAMN cute!!

Just look at that underbite!!

4.) I am so glad it’s Friday. Last night, Louie wouldn’t sleep. About 5 times he leapt off the bed (quite a feat for someone so small and a bed so tall!), out to the living room, growl then started barking. At 1am this is NOT a good thing. He didn’t sleep much last night so neither did Mom. *Yawn* Stella? Slept through it all.

5.) Took my 30 minute walk at lunch again today. Every day it doesn’t rain, I go. I am down 15lbs since Nick died. May not sound like much in such a while but it’s taken me from diabetic? to NOT. I’m happy with it. I feel better. Yesterday I had to RUN!! OMG…I know right? And it felt …wait for it….GOOD! I may add a little jog into my routine now and again. Ya, amazing huh??

So there’s MY Friday Five Jim. Wander through and say hello if’n yuve a mind to…….

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4 thoughts on “MNJim makes me feel guilty…

  1. Run? I think you’re having a seizure, please have a cocktail and think about the ramifications.
    But congrats on the weight loss!
    As for the poo, just keep thinking they’re too cute to stay mad at.

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