Still being magical and stuff…..

So these lovely flowers…popped out from behind his back after he arrived last night. He is so sweet. And they smell so good. We had a lovely evening with a pork roast that had been slow cooking all day. Yum. OMG my house smelled amazing. I made sourdough garlic bread to go with it because anything else? would have taken away from this amazing roast. I’m going to make pulled pork sammichs from the rest….or make a gravy from the juices and have shredded pork over newly dug taters…..damn I’m getting hungry!

Starting tonight I have my daughter’s 3 kids. For a couple days. Rehearsal is tonight and wedding is Friday. I’m hoping she comes to get them Saturday morning when we go to LaCrosse. Jim has car repair scheduled and I really am not sure where to go with these guys during this crap. I don’t know if any of the parks are really open.

Stella and Louie are not getting a lot bigger anymore but they are maturing…..somewhat. I love my babies. They get so excited when I get home. It’s nice to have SOMEONE happy to see me there. Coming home to a cold empty house was not fun. Now excited barking greets me. I love it.

I’m going to put the kids to work and get the stuff from around my desk outta there. I’m sick of looking at it. Time for it to go back upstairs. The box of toys will come down so it can go to their house. I want to get them new. I already have some. Need to sort. Good Lord, just what I need… more stuff to sort. *sigh*

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