some random stuff….

Here’s the 6 emoji’s. Are you going to read them like a palm reader??

My driveway last night. Yes, I am that close to the highway.

These two hooligans turn 7 on Saturday. Nonna is finally setting up their savings accounts as soon as I can get to the bank lobby to do so.

I have worn this necklace since mid December 2015. My good friend Robin gave it to me. Recently I added the silver heart. It’s a prayer charm. For all my friends and family I need to keep praying for .

The building I work in is behind this bush and across the street. LOL. Someone is already in the Christmas spirit…somewhat….a little bit….lol

The upstairs apartment in that tan house on the left? One day, there was a dumpster out front and furniture was being thrown in it. Come to find out the guy who lived there? Died in his recliner and no one found him for a week. Sheesh. I look at that house out my office window.

Random dumps. Hmmmmmm

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