But it’s OK. Jim is coming over tonight. Getting rid of more leftovers. Boxing up more stuff. Cleaning out my house. I have a year. I’ve made a goal.

This could get interesting.

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12 thoughts on “Wednesday

    1. Clear out my house. HA! I would like to move closer. But I said after Nick died 2 years. Well it’s been over 4 now. I need to make a goal and stick with it. I want to move back to MN. So here’s hoping…..(Fred will come and take some FREE stuff……)

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  1. I usta hate Mondays and hump days … though admittedly I have to re-translate hump when I hear it used in that context. Then I just said to hell with customers, dispatchers and weigh stations and retired. It was much better for my mental health. I wish I could have discovered retirement in my 20’s …
    … but if I had that much time back then I probably would have been registered and made to wear ankle bracelets to keep me out of trouble … so maybe there is wisdom in waiting …

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  2. ugh! cleaning out. I got a closet off to the side of my dining room where you go down into the dungeon that is full of stuff…you open the door and you never know something could fall out on ya. LOL I am still not sure why or whats even in there of any value.

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