So how was YOUR weekend….?

Jim and I cooked on Saturday. Most of the day. We made chili, potato soup, chicken noodle soup, and beef stew from left over prime rib from our Friday nights out with our ‘adopted’ daughter, our favorite waitress down the highway between my place and his. OMG…yum.

Sunday we invited my parents and his parents over to help eat it all. My mom didn’t feel good Sunday morning so they bowed out. It was just Jim’s parents but we still had fun. I made a bunch of containers for my folks and my daughter. She loves my potato soup.

We are going to my son’s on Thursday and hosting another on Saturday. Jim bought a smoker and wants to try doing a turkey in it. This could be interesting. He did ribs in it a couple weeks ago. OMG…YUM!

He wants to get to know my kids and Thursday will be pretty hectic so I’m hoping Saturday will be fun……..


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The love of his life….

….I got the nicest text from Jim the other day.

“Thank you for coming into my life and showing me what love really is….”

The next morning I got another one.

Good morning love of my life…..hope you slept well.”

This made me really stop and think for a time. I already know I love this man. But can I call him the love of MY life? I’ve already had that in Nick. Jim tells me he won’t let me forget Nick and that he has no plans to replace him in anyone’s life. And he can’t even if he tried.

Jim has a new place in my life. I realized the other day that I would be pretty devastated if I lost him. He’s become very important to me.

The new love in my life?

I know it’s only been a couple months since Jim and I started dating. I get that. I knew within a month of dating Nick, we’d be together for the rest of our lives.

Have I gotten lucky enough to find the man I’ll spend the rest of MY life with?

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I’m so ready for it to be 4pm. I’m just done with today. Jim is coming over tonight. Even tho he gets up at 3:15am to go to work, I enjoy our time together.

Nick and I had a long one sided conversation today. I thanked him for sending Jim my way and that I will always miss and love him.

The finality of death is such a (for lack of a better term) show stopper. Everything just STOPS. Except your love and grief.

I don’t think that will ever end no matter HOW I feel about Jim.

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I don’t get asshats….

Jay and Tay


These two boys are such joys. One tells me I am the BEST G’ma EVER!

Today a fat old man who could hardly breathe or walk came into our building. He asked for a certain hose to be made. The guys made it, and when the price was told to him, he went off. He then proceeded to berate everything and everyone. He used the N word and my ears perked up.

This is the second time some jerk has come into my work and used that word. Now, I had made the mistake of leaving my mask in my car. But at that point I shouldn’t have cared.

But that is the LAST time someone comes in and uses derogatory terms about Blacks.

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