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You know **** had Covid too and I think they consider * recovered now. Not sure I told you this or not. Where * is they have 24 patients, have been in this full lock down to protect everyone from Covid. Since Labor day I have had 3 visits with *, each for 30 minutes, one outside. That is how strict and tough the governor has made nursing homes. Out of the 24 patient 18 got Covid, also 12 workers. Seems to me the only people they may have prevented from getting the disease was the families of the patients. This is an excellent example of how the Covid restrictions aren’t working. Sort of like when the local school was financially bankrupt many years ago, they cut cheer leading and marching band. Cheerleaders pay their own expenses, marching band just cost a bus. For those on that other side, my nursing home story really foils all their excuses, you can use that for those relatives of yours that don’t understand how the world really works.

I no longer think ANYTHING works against Covid. Mandatory masks and the number of cases SURGE…….? OK. I’ll wear a mask ….

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13 thoughts on “From a friend….

  1. Sadly our state’s mandatory mask mandate is ignored by a good portion of the public. Saying masks don’t help stop the spread of Covid when half the people aren’t even wearing them is unfair. Public safety should never have become political. We were doomed from them on.

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    1. I see EVERYONE wearing a mask here now and the numbers are STILL surging. It states right on the box of masks that it will not prevent Covid. I should go find that photo…..


      1. 5 workmen showed up at our neighbors to pour cement for an outbuilding this morning, when he asked them to please wear masks because his kids and farm workers were there… they all flatly refused. This is after our governor mandated all businesses comply. Our local hardware store? No employees wear masks. Our local feed store? No employees wear masks. If everyone is wearing them where you live I’m glad. Wish I could say the same.

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      2. I find it is the inconsistency of it all. Like my friend says they have LOCKED DOWN the nursing homes and they are the places that get it the WORST. More people die in the nursing home from underlying conditions made worse by Covid. They do not die of Covid. They die from the underlying conditions that Covid makes so much worse. Why? When they are SO locked down people cannot even SEE their loved ones. Makes no sense to me.

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      3. You’re right, nursing home populations are vulnerable… just like my husband who has underlying conditions. If he contracts Covid tomorrow and dies… did he die of Covid or the underlying condition? Since he was fine before he caught it, I’m going with Covid and will do everything I can to avoid that scenario. I don’t like staying home, giving up traveling and seeing friends either…. but it seems a small sacrifice to make.

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      4. My mental health was suffering. I finally started going out for supper. Jim and I wear our masks and PHYSICALLY distance. I don’t social distance. <—stupid term. But I still go out because staying at home was driving me insane.

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      5. I guess we all have to do what’s right for us. I almost lost my other half a few years ago and just am not willing to take the chance. We go out to our local pub occasionally… at off hours, when it’s practically empty.

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      1. I hate them too! It’s stupid. We have to wear masks whilst shopping but not in restaurants. I have to wear them at work as I work in the hospital yet office workers don’t have to? Go figure? So work have told us we only have to wear them whilst in public places and whilst near patients. If we are in our own departments and no one sees us we don’t have to lol

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