Louie’s Big Day…

Louie sleeping in Jim’s arms….

Yesterday was Louie’s ‘big appointment’. I put Stella in her kennel and Louie trotted along behind me, looking up so expectantly. I grabbed his leash and he was like “What? I’m getting you to myself?!!”

I drove so Jim held him. Louie kept a close eye on me. When we got to the clinic, the sign says “1 person/1 pet” so Jim had to wait in the car. I took Louie in and he was like ‘Wait………..what?? Who is that lady?”

We ended up having to muzzle him because he barked at the vet and growled. I explained how protective he is of me. Vet decided just better to muzzle just in case. Louie did NOT like it. But we got him on the table and he got 2 shots. First one didn’t bother but the second one did. Oh MAN that little bug was NOT happy. I held him for a few minutes till the sedative started taking effect. He started swaying his head back and forth, and by the time I laid him on the towel on the table, he was immobile.

I had to leave. I couldn’t watch him looking like that. Not 10 minutes after I got home, I noticed a missed call from the vet. I’m like oh shit! But it was only about the rabies shot. They are to give him that this morning. I am leaving work at 2 to go pick him up.

We’ll see how mad he is. LOL

Stella. Last night she played with Jegs and Sprint; she was pretty quiet. Crawled up on my lap and slept then most of the evening. When I went to bed about 11 (Hey! I only had 3 episodes of Virgin River left!!) she crawled under the covers and went right to sleep; not a peep out of her all night.

This morning was another story tho. I put her in the kennel, turned on her new radio station, told her Mom was leaving for work. She was NOT having it. So Jegs is inside today with her OUT of her kennel.

Pray for me. lol

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