Thank God. This has been a week. Next week is a 3 day work week. The week after is a 4 day work week. Then we begin a 5 month stretch with no holidays in it. Till Memorial Day weekend.

Jim and I may go to North Carolina for a week in early April. This still remains to be seen because if Azalea Fest is not on…..we may not go.

Did I say it’s Friday?

So I went for Labs this morning. Some lady stops me at the door and asks all the questions about Covid. I answer no to them. She hands me this sticker. I said “what am I to do with this? Put it on my shirt?”

“No, we don’t want that sticky stuff all over your clothes.”

“Then what should I do with it?”

“It’s just to let them know in the back you answered the questions.”

“If I am in the back wouldn’t THAT tell them I answered the questions and got past you??????”

What a waste of time and resources! No wonder our medical bills are so high! No Common Sense has become the new norm……..?????

I found this photo and immediately thought of Juliana…..

I sent the photo to her mother and she replies “OMG YES!!”

Last night I started hauling boxes BACK upstairs. I want my desk area BACK! lol.

My cat was ill last night.

You got THAT right.

This morning I found it.

A hairball…..but it was full of blood. I’ll be keeping a close eye on him now. He is 8 1/2, birthday is Memorial Day weekend. I think I’ll weigh him when I get home tonight. If he’s not 23lbs anymore……….? More vet bills.

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7 thoughts on “It’s FRIIIIIIIIIIDAY!!!!

  1. North Carolina has a high infection rate. Just spoke with an old neighbor who works at the courthouse and it’s running rampant on the coast. I miss azaleas, but not that much.
    Sorry about your kitty. Hope it’s nothing serious.

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