Christmas Cheer

It’s coming up on Christmas. And I all I read is more and more hate.

What is WRONG with people?? It doesn’t matter WHAT anyone does, SOMEONE is offended like they are the ONLY other person in the world.

Here’s the thing………..They’re NOT!

If you don’t like something someone says or does?


No need to make nasty ass comments.

Feeling like deleting people myself as I am apparently not allowed to have my own opinions. I scroll by on THEIR pages when they say something I don’t like. I don’t get that same courtesy. But not on here. This place is freakin’ awesome for NON DRAMA!!

Facebag is horrid. As is Blogster. And since Metal was banned? I am pretty much done with Blogster too. He helped me to understand the stupidity that is the political climate the last couple months. Those asshats in Washington have forgotten THEY work for US. I see why Fritz sold and moved to Mexico. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Rant done.

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