Verizon…what a joke

This morning, Jim text me.

I text him back.

He text me.

I text him and said ‘In car in 3 minutes if you want to call’

He text back ‘gimme 10’

I get in the car. He called in 10.

I get to work and do some stuff on Messenger and Text.

All of a sudden the wonderful Samsung S7 pile of crap I have – rebooted. (8:30am)


I have a black screen with a little blue light in the top left corner.

I get on Verizon’s website.

I get on chat.

After telling them I have tried to press the power/volume button/bottom button for the last hour, I asked “Please reboot my phone from Verizon.” (they used to)

Can you reboot by holding the power/volume button/bottom button?

::::::::::::blink blink::::::::::::::::::::

(and you wonder why this condition has never been looked at River..too many non listening idiots out there)

Finally got to where they tell me since I got my phone in Aug of 2017, I could get $200 off an upgrade. OK. Pick a phone. $749.99 on sale for $699.99, with $200 off is $499.99 and $50 in my rewards brings it to $449.99. I decide on Red. We are just about ready to click purchase complete.

Verizon website gives me the message “Firefox cannot connect with this site.”


I go BACK to Verizon’s site. ‘Chat with us’

You need to sign in .

I proceed to do so.

12 times.

(can any of you feel the frustration building?)

I get a new person. And I have to start all over. By now it’s been over 90 minutes. He’s gonna put notes on my account.

Verizon logs me off AGAIN. I do a ‘call me back phone call request.

I get yet ANOTHER person.

She is trying to sell me almost the same phone for $999.99. I told her no and went through the WHOLE spiel again because you remember, the LAST person put all the notes on my account while I waited.

When I told her no, this is the phone I wanted that was $749.99 on sale for $699.99 with my $200 upgrade credit made it $499.99 and my $50 reward money made it $449.99……*gasps for breath*

She sends me to someone else.

This guy gets my $749.99 on sale for $699.99 with my $200 upgrade credit made it $499.99 and my $50 reward money made it $449.99 …..

……for $250 and no $40 upgrade fee…

The phone will be here tomorrow.

In the meantime? I never did get to tech support for them to reboot the old phone so I could limp along till the new one comes tomorrow.

Verizon can really SUCK – you get that ONE guy that can redeem them….

…..for a little while….

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4 thoughts on “Verizon…what a joke

  1. I have a Samsung Tablet and have that same issue, but I can get it to reboot by doing what you said they said to do. But it is frustrating and makes me mad. I will never get a Samsung anything ever again.


  2. That’s odd because I’ve never had any trouble with them. Of course I usually go to the store and speak with s live human if I have an issue. Tech support is enough to drive you to drink.

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