Stella my Stella

Stella my Stella. She snuggles next to me every night now. (notice her right front paw on my leg? Silly girl. She looks at me and sighs.

This is her whelping box. I am going to put something over the top like a ‘roof’ to help keep heat in and give her a bit of privacy.

Knowing Louie he’ll be like “Whatcha doin’? Can I come in too? Hey, who are these other kids?? Can I play with them? Please? Please? Skooch over Stell, I want in too!!”

LOUIE!! Get outta there!!

“But why Mom? I want to be by my Stella! I loves her! She’s my playmate! Ow, Stell. Don’t bite. I’m just trying to sit on your head and bite your ears! Let’s go chase that green thing with the squeaker tail Mom got us. C’mon Stell! Let’s go!”


“Oh all right. I’ll just pout on your lap Mom.”

LOUIE! I’m busy right now.

“You always did loves Stella best.”

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