*inhales deeply*

One of my favorite Christmas presents. The scent on this candle is fir. OMG…I LOVE it. The whole house smells of an earthy pine as it burns. And the glass holder glows green, too.

So by the first week or so of February, there will be babies in my house again. This time? Little Stellas. Yay. I’m excited. Yay.

It’s to be 38* today. Melting what little snow we have. Which isn’t much. I want SNOW! We NEED snow. No ground cover to keep the frost from going so deep and no moisture building up for spring. *sigh*

I need a day off.

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Verizon…what a joke

This morning, Jim text me.

I text him back.

He text me.

I text him and said ‘In car in 3 minutes if you want to call’

He text back ‘gimme 10’

I get in the car. He called in 10.

I get to work and do some stuff on Messenger and Text.

All of a sudden the wonderful Samsung S7 pile of crap I have – rebooted. (8:30am)


I have a black screen with a little blue light in the top left corner.

I get on Verizon’s website.

I get on chat.

After telling them I have tried to press the power/volume button/bottom button for the last hour, I asked “Please reboot my phone from Verizon.” (they used to)

Can you reboot by holding the power/volume button/bottom button?

::::::::::::blink blink::::::::::::::::::::

(and you wonder why this condition has never been looked at River..too many non listening idiots out there)

Finally got to where they tell me since I got my phone in Aug of 2017, I could get $200 off an upgrade. OK. Pick a phone. $749.99 on sale for $699.99, with $200 off is $499.99 and $50 in my rewards brings it to $449.99. I decide on Red. We are just about ready to click purchase complete.

Verizon website gives me the message “Firefox cannot connect with this site.”


I go BACK to Verizon’s site. ‘Chat with us’

You need to sign in .

I proceed to do so.

12 times.

(can any of you feel the frustration building?)

I get a new person. And I have to start all over. By now it’s been over 90 minutes. He’s gonna put notes on my account.

Verizon logs me off AGAIN. I do a ‘call me back phone call request.

I get yet ANOTHER person.

She is trying to sell me almost the same phone for $999.99. I told her no and went through the WHOLE spiel again because you remember, the LAST person put all the notes on my account while I waited.

When I told her no, this is the phone I wanted that was $749.99 on sale for $699.99 with my $200 upgrade credit made it $499.99 and my $50 reward money made it $449.99……*gasps for breath*

She sends me to someone else.

This guy gets my $749.99 on sale for $699.99 with my $200 upgrade credit made it $499.99 and my $50 reward money made it $449.99 …..

……for $250 and no $40 upgrade fee…

The phone will be here tomorrow.

In the meantime? I never did get to tech support for them to reboot the old phone so I could limp along till the new one comes tomorrow.

Verizon can really SUCK – you get that ONE guy that can redeem them….

…..for a little while….

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