My nauseous day yesterday….

I spent yesterday afternoon getting my stuff from asshat’s house.

He had only a bit of my stuff tucked into the back bedroom instead of on the porch as I asked. I sent him a list. He is just too arrogant to listen. I did NOT want to go in his house. My friend Barb was with me, SHE finally got the written permission to go in the house.

Several items on the list I sent him , he didn’t put with the rest of the stuff. This included the curtains in his bedroom and my bathrobe. I couldn’t find the wooden box that should have been by the fireplace.
So I go in the bedroom to get the curtains and lo and behold, there is the wooden box. At the side of the bed like a step stool. And the bed is unmade (which he NEVER does) showing covers thrown back from both sides like two people were there.

I grabbed my curtains, my bathrobe, some clothes from a drawer, my wooden box and laughed my ass off all the way to the car with them. Apparently the new victim is too short to get up on his high bed. I just laughed. And laughed. and thought how he was thinking he was upsetting me by letting me know he has someone new already.

Hell, I knew that two weeks ago! And figured she’s been around since Nov.
I went back through his texts last night.

SO much makes sense now.

He was such a bad liar but then I didn’t catch it right away either.

Am I done with men? For now. He’s left a bad attitude in me.

But it won’t last because if it does? That means he wins and he is NOT going to win.

He is a loser and I’m somewhat upset with myself for not catching it sooner.

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12 thoughts on “My nauseous day yesterday….

      1. On Thursday Jan 28, we were talking, he suddenly told me he was going to visit friends in Green Bay. I haven’t heard from him since.

        Come to find out he is mad I wouldn’t send the list of my stuff directly to him yet he won’t reply to my texts.

        The friends in Green Bay? Want nothing to do with him and haven’t had anything to do with him in 10 years.

        He didn’t sell his house in North Carolina, he lost it in foreclosure. The g/f down there he claims he had for 2 1/2 years? Less than a year before she threw him out for cheating on her.

        He is a serial womanizer and LOVES to lie.
        So anything he would tell me? I wouldn’t believe anyway.

        He told his daughter I was SO controlling and well, ya know what THAT means…..

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