I am done with so much….

Blogster: That lying sack of crap LW thinks she can talk to me even tho she’s blocked. TOS means NOTHING there.

Men: After asshat? I’m pretty much done with relationships. Me and my dogs. Yup. Works for me.

WordPress: WTH??? keep the size I need!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupid people: Just done with stupid people.

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10 thoughts on “I am done with so much….

      1. I think I still have an account there, but can’t remember when I signed in last. That place was too toxic for me and I doubt it has changed one bit. Hang in there darlin. ❤ I mean don't hang in Blogster, just hang in life for a better day.

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      2. Dont go there Boo ❤ That fool man is not worth you wasting one more thought on him. That stupid Blogster is just a loony bin full of nutcases. You don't belong there. Look at all those grandbabies you have. Take your joy in them.

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  1. Blogster? I left the hatred and stupid feuds years ago and never looked back. I suppose my account is still there because I could never get anyone to remove it either.
    Men? Well, I’m beginning to think I got the last good one.
    Wordpress? What changed….. did I miss something.
    Stupid people? When you learn how to avoid them, let me know. They’re freakin’ everywhere!

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