Uneventful weekend…

I have no IDEA why my font won’t stay big. I have to change it back with every block now. They should have NEVER messed with the original way of writing. It WORKED.

Stella has had enough of Louie as evidenced at 6am this morning with the huge fight. Louie will need to stay in the bathroom until she is done with her eating, potty and cuddling with “Mom”. Poor Jack got caught in the middle of it this morning. He’s OK, but it was hairy there for a bit.

I am hoping to pick up my last item from Asshat tonight. If it is there, then I leave the rest of his crap and I delete him from my phone and block his worthless ass on FB.

I’m actually enjoying my alone time again. In the next week or so, I’ll see Gary again. I found a couple things of his and I will return them to him. He may say I could have kept them but I am trying to get other people’s things OUT of my house, not keep them. I don’t need this stuff so he gets it back. It’s not much but it’s not mine.

It was a balmy -24*F with windchills sending it to -35*F. My car wouldn’t start. Cost me $25 to get it jumped. So much for being kind to your neighbors.

I need to go on the loo and call the vet to set up the appointment with him to have Jegs put down. Hurts my heart but it’s time. I love that dog. Daughter told me to get his ashes back. She has a small vial for me to put some in and then I’ll spread the rest over Nick this spring. I thought that was a great idea.

I will let you all know when I do this. Or you may know when I am quiet for a few days. It will be this week. He turned 12 on Sunday. He got a bunch of bacon as treats. LOVES that stuff.

Take care y’all…

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