Memories of Matteo..

-I am so proud of my handsome Italian son, Matteo. I have never met a 17 year old so in tune with life, people, and so kind.

He arrived in Aug 2014 full of life and expectations of a school year in the states, the typical American teenage senior year. What he got? Was close, but with lots of heartache. We bonded so quickly it was amazing. And it made things somewhat easier?

Within a month of his arrival, Nick’s Mom passed away.

A month after that? Nick was diagnosed with cancer and I spent 2 weeks at the hospital till 10 every night. And every night when I came home, Matteo was there, waiting. ‘HUGTIME!!’ and I would get the best hug. He never missed Hugtime. If he only knew how knowing I would get a great hug at the end of the day helped me get through those trying times.

The first thing that happened after his family heard the diagnosis? Matteo’s mom emailed me and asked if I wanted Matteo to leave and go back home.

Matteo told me the sad news about Nick’s health.
I don’t have the right words in a moment like this but I would like to do something for you.
How can I help you?
I undestand that you want to be near Nick.
Would you prefere that Matteo came back home?
Maybe that would make thing easier for you.
You are such a nice person and all this is very unfair.
Nick and you will get through this difficult moment together, I’m sure.
Con tanto tanto affetto
Un abbraccio forte

My response?
-Matteo being at our house has been a God send. Please don’t think he needs to leave us.
-I so love having him there with me while Nick is in the hospital. Friday nite, he’s coming into town with me as he really wants to see Nick for himself. He’s pretty worried.
-Matteo is a wonderful young man. SO mature for his age. Having him here has been a big help to me right now. He makes me smile…..
-Nick came thru with flying colors. He will be OK. It’s just gonna be a rough couple of months.
I have several friends trying to sell a project car and we’ll be ok if it sells.
-Thank you for your concern and I really hope Matteo wants to stay and will stay. It would break my heart if he were to leave right now.

And so he stayed. And my mental health stayed with me. I needed him at the house to come home to something/someone sane. Sometimes we had ice cream together. We always ‘recapped’ our day. He was seriously worried about Nick. I was worried about Matteo being alone so much but he was so popular that he was always busy when I wasn’t there but home when I was.

I have since hosted him again for a few days just after Nick’s funeral. He missed the funeral by less than a week.

Then I spent 10 days on the Island of Sardinia in Aug of 2017. BEST vaca ever. That will be my next memories day.

I apologize for missing this yesterday. With all that is going on with Jegs, it slipped my mind.

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