So today’s the day….

My big beautiful black lab. 12 years old as of Valentine’s Day. We picked him up on May 5th. 12 years. I have never had a dog this long.

Last night my friend Dawn came over. Both Jegs and Sprint went to her house the night Nick passed. I wish now I would have let Jegs stay that night and put him up on the bed with Nick. Anyway, she was lovin’ him up and I noticed just how large the tumor on his throat has gotten. It will strangle him. Last night is the first time I really felt RIGHT about doing this. There are so many reasons to do this and only one not to. I love this dog. He is a wonderful dog. But this is why it needs done. He doesn’t deserve to suffer and lose all of dignity. He’s deserves better.

Both my guys …………….. both gone now.

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