Memories: Sardinia

What more can I say? If anyone has been there? I know you are sitting there sighing. Thinking of the beautiful countryside, the wonderful food, the unbelievable blue of the sea. People there are so warm and welcoming.

I was lucky enough to spend 10 days there with my Italian son Matteo and his family.

It was a vacation like I’ve never had and will never have again. I so badly needed SOMETHING. It was a year after Nick passed and I was floundering.

And if I could afford it? I would retire there.

I’ll just leave you with photos……

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10 thoughts on “Memories: Sardinia

  1. Such a beautiful place. Glad you got to go and spend time there. But hey, if you go again, bring that fine young man back with you and drop him off in Florida. I could use a pool boy 😉 (let me know first though, I need to have a pool put in lol )

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