Loo remodel…

Don’t look at the Gawd Awful hair. Look at the wall behind me. Please.

This is what I have been doing for the last couple of days. I’ve also learned to stop when I am tired or frustrated and just wait till I can work on it and not feel like I want to break something. This wall needs washed then I’ll be repainting the room. It hasn’t been painted in almost 16 years and it’s showing wear and tear. First I have a couple of drywall pieces I need to fix first. The two doors to the right in the photo below I am HOPING to have as my shower wall/door. Just need to get the son up there to finish this room up. I want to paint. I must be ill.

I moved most of my jewelry into my free standing upright jewelry case. You know the place. Where they BELONG? I just have a few earrings and bracelets left in the bathroom. And they are now out of range of the hair spray. Sheesh.

So little by little, things are getting done, finished, sorted and thrown away. My fear is I am gonna like my house more than I do and not want to leave. LOL ….. *whimpers softly in the corner*

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