Well THAT’S fixed!!

I really liked this blueish color in the bedrooms I put it in. So I thought “these short walls in the bath would look good with a pop of color.”


Saturday Gary and I (yes, that Gary…hush) went to Rochester and I finally got the paint to finish the up the steps walls. And since you buy a gallon at $31.00 and a quart at $29.75, you buy the gallon and use the rest in another room. So I have the paint to finish my hall walls, and do my downstairs bathroom.

I had a helper. *sigh*

Somebody discovered a soft bed….

….and promptly fell asleep. LOL

Gary. Yes, he and I are talking and being friends again. Just friends. He and I make a good team getting things done. He has a bathroom to build and a bedroom to fix. I’m helping him.

I have some painting to do. He’s helping me. I can’t do ceilings because of my shoulder. He can.

We both want our homes done. He , because he plans on continuing to live there. Me, because I want it done, sold and me moved back to Minnesota.

I just realized I don’t have that much more to do. So it’s a push to get it finished now.

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4 thoughts on “Well THAT’S fixed!!

  1. When it comes to selling a house, I was told to forget the pretty colors and go with neutrals, preferably white or beige. Glad you found some help, but be careful it doesn’t turn into something more.
    And hey, I don’t blame the dog… that bed looks amazing!

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  2. OH THE PUPPY IS SO ADORABLE!!! And THAT Gary? Well, if being friends works, then who are any of us to say a word? And hey, it is someone to help with projects so it can’t be all bad! ❤ Have a great week Boo.

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