Ok NOW the loo is almost finished….lol

As of last night. I think I might like these curtains. The Burgundy one just didn’t work.

If you look close by the floor next to the new shower, you can see some sheet rock and about 2 or 3″ of the ceramic floor tile missing. This happened when they tore out the old tub. The old tub was bigger than the new shower base. This is all that is left to finish in this room. My son is learning how to mix colored concrete. That will go between the shower base and the tile. He’ll need to remove a row to make it even. Then just a couple scrap pieces of sheet rock to fix the wall (both sides…the other is hidden behind the shelves), the new towel hooks installed when they get here, and I can finally call this room DONE.

It’s very calming and enjoyable to spend time in this room now. I had NO idea how bad it had gotten till I started painting. And I’m lovin’ it.

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