Little fat boy…

……went home to his new Mommy on Friday night. I miss him. But not the 4am wake up whines.

He is too adorable.

Last night, it was like Stella finally figured out he was gone. She kept looking at the kennel and whining. So I held her for awhile. Which upsets Louie so he has to run around her and jump onto my shoulder, smooching my face.

She’ll get over it soon. We’re good.

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4 thoughts on “Little fat boy…

    1. She is ok. She was growling and snapping at him to get away by the time he left. Now it’s more like “Did I misplace something?” and she’s getting extra cuddles from me……………

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    1. His new mommy fell in love with him when she saw him at 4 weeks. She is a very good Mommy. She had Nosey(18 yrs old when he finally died,..BEAUTIFUL dog) and Gus. Gus and Jack are having a BALL already. They are an 11 minute walk from my work so if it’s not raining today, I’m gonna go see him!!

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