I bought this bookcase in 1995. It housed Nick’s mini car collection, then, when I discovered he wouldn’t dust them? Our VHS Movies that slowly was converted to DVD’s and didn’t need that kind of room. Later, it became an actual bookcase with Knick Knacks mixed in. (see top photo upper middle)

I finally got very tired of it. My friend Janet, Jack’s new mommy, said she could use it. She and her friend Mike? came and got it on Saturday.

LOOK at all that room! And now I can actually start sorting all those boxes my daughter dragged downstairs from the room the boys used!! I’m so excited to finally get this corner of my living room sorted. And that huge plant outside.

Because I’m carpeting the living room.

Yes, I am covering back up all that history in the floor.

And getting different furniture.

I can’t wait.

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