I am LIVID!!!


Just no.

NO we don’t HONOR criminals.

And how many people know that man held a loaded gun to a pregnant woman’s belly as he robbed the place?

My grandchildren had to endure this yesterday and when they protested?? They were told to shut up or get detention.

I see some first amendment lawsuits coming.

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Good Morning..

Yesterdays AirBnB drama is over. She was refunded for the night she didn’t stay. If she puts up any stink, I’ll have to tell them what she did. She won’t want that. She already is getting a rep for a difficult guest.

They say it comes in 3’s. Last night, I read about #3. My daughter went out with Thomas when she was 16. They were playing in the river, when Thomas jumped in wrong, hit his head and broke his neck. He came back from it, learning to walk, talk and eat again on his own.

Sunday they found him in his home. They are doing an autopsy but they are thinking stroke or aneurysm. He was 34. And a great guy. I’m beyond sad about it.

But I hope this is the end of the 3. At least for now.

I need to get away. I took Friday of Memorial Day weekend off (so you won’t hear from me for 4 days. Stop cheering.)

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Most of you know I run a 2 bedroom AirBnB out of my home.


That USUALLY means to most people that you respect house rules, you don’t go into rooms you shouldn’t, you don’t bitch and complain about things (Like my dogs that are CLEARLY STATED and mentioned IN my listing), smoke in the room where NO SMOKING is allowed, leave all the fucking LIGHTS on, leave wet towels on the rugs or lock the OWNER out of her own home.

Yet, that is what I dealt with this weekend. And SHE started a case with AirBnB against me. HA!

She came at me. So I told her if she continued to file cases against hosts (I’m the second one, but the 3rd host she pulled crap on…out of 7 stays) that places wouldn’t want to host her anymore.

I take your comments as very threatening also. Just because someone reports you and your disgusting home, doesn’t give you a right to contact them with threats.

What??? How is that threatening? She told me my home was uninhabitable. (I didn’t do anything wrong to your home. It was already inhabitable long before I arrived as a customer.) Her spelling error.

Really? The other 30 people I hosted before you JUST this year LOVE my house.

She even locked me out Saturday afternoon. Even after telling her twice NOT to lock the deadbolt when she was inside and I was gone. She acted confused as to what that meant.

All of this because I wanted her to wait till I got home before she used my washer and dryer. I actually wanted her to use a drying rack since the weather was so nice.

Her response to the clothesline/rack? I will say that line drying in my Mothers generation and she didn’t pass this tradition down to me. Your posting states that you do have a dryer. Wait. You don’t know how to hang clothes on a line or rack?

When I asked her to wait because my listing was for my old set? Honestly all you have to do is update your page. Ive kindve lost my appetite for doing laundry and will figure out something later.

She wanted to go into another guest’s room. I am pretty sure she smoked in the bedroom because that was the odor when I went upstairs. Lights were left on in the room and the bathroom. Towels on the floor instead of the hooks on the back of the door. I have a page in both rooms with specific things to do to make it better for BOTH us at the end of their visit.

She chose to ignore it. And filed a case against me.

Almost makes me want to quit.

But…she is ONE in almost 5 years of being a host so I just need to work thru the anger and move on.

And I will.

AND I will read ALL reviews BEFORE accepting a booking from now on. MY mistake. It won’t happen again.

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Lori…yesterday in my email I got her monthly special email from Scentsy.

sheesh. Thought Melissa was going to take care of that.

“Well they will when they get an address to send flowers to.”

Um, no…..the kids have to clean out her apartment, donate or ship anything they want, rehome two cats, sell her car, cremate her and get everything back to Wisconsin. It’s gonna be awhile. Please have them shut down her account.”

“Oh, ok.”


I’ll be going to the Milwaukee area for the funeral/memorial service.

I miss our 3 hour phone calls.

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As a young child I missed a question on a psychological test: “What comes in a bottle?”

The answer was supposed to be milk. I said beer.

Milk almost always came in cartons and plastic jugs, so I was right. But this isn’t about rehashing old grudges. I barely even think about it anymore! The point is that the test was a relic of a time before me, when milk did come in bottles. It arrived on doorsteps each morning, by the hand of some vanishing man. And just as such a world was alien to me as a kid, the current generation of small children might miss a similar question: “Where does milk come from?”

Many would likely answer almonds or beans or oats.


I find this beyond sad.

I keep hearing about all the anxiety younger people get now. Because our world had complicated itself to the point of being unrecognizable.

132 different genders? No. There are two. XX chromosomes and XY chromosomes. You have ONE or the OTHER. Anxiety relieved. If you are one and think you should be the other? Change it. Anxiety relieved. But 132 different, non conforming, non binary (WTF is THAT??)…it no longer makes sense.

But all the anxiety does.

Milk does NOT come from nuts. Or grain. Or legumes. Milk comes from cows, goats, humans…..you get the gist.

Back when I was a kid, you played outside, you climbed trees, you got hurt, you had black and blue marks, your brothers made you eat mud pies….the list goes on. Nowadays? Kids are scared to climb trees, playing outside? interferes with technology, Mud pies? WTH are those???

So many kids today don’t know how to play outside anymore. I could almost guarantee you their anxiety levels would go down if they would learn to play well with other children.

OMG…clothesline someone in Red Rover?? YESSSS Tug’o’war over a creek? What other games? Softball, Baseball, Flag football, …… It’s going to be up to us grandparents to teach these youngsters.

I’m just venting today. My friends death has put me in a tailspin and I am afraid it won’t stop until the funeral. She was very important to me. And I miss her.

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RIP my dearest friend….

Me, Lori and she who is no longer named or with the bunch. Booboopalooza 2010
Lori danced a lot….lol
We did. Shake her before we went anywhere so she was ready to go….LOL
Booboopalooza bunch. She who is no longer named. Cap’t Oblivious, Z, Lori, Boo, Tracy and Lori’s date, Wade.
Guzzling the last of the Redi-Whip after ….
….she had decided she didn’t think I had enough Redi-Whip on my strawberry something or other…..
I titled this one beating her meat. Forgot what kind of meat. . . . . .
Typiclal photo of Lori. Laughing her ass off.

I rec’d a text Sunday morning from my friend Jacquie. “Lori died last night” I thought no. She got the wrong name. So I called Lori’s cell. Her sister Cheri answered.

And confirmed the awful news.

She could NOT get time off from work to go to the doctor. Any time she would try to get a holiday off, her manager would say basically at the last minute, nope. I am taking that day. I don’t think she got more than 3 or 4 days a month off. No one can work that pace. She struggled so these last 10 years. I helped her out so many times. It just never helped.

I met Lori in 1997 at Lake Geneva at a Torrington Bearing School. She was 6 months younger than me and we always had a blast when we got together. One of my FAVORITE Memories was when Z asked T to marry him. Z had been begging me to come down for that. He was going to surprise her. I kept telling him I couldn’t get the time off, no vacation left, flights weren’t working out….any excuse I could come up with. When he would ask Lori, she would just say ‘she’s trying but it’s not looking good.’

Lori and I had already set up me being there. It was a surprise to them from me. So the day finally came to meet them for supper. Lori sat out front of the restaurant waiting, I hid. When they all walked by, I came up behind Z and said “Can I join this party or is it private?” He and T lost it hugging. They were so happy I came and surprised them. I still smile when I think of it.

Now for what T wrote about Lori:

“I have heartbreaking news about Lori….she was rushed to the hospital yesterday (Sat) morning due to pneumonia symptoms, had a cardiac arrest a short time later and never recovered. She has taken her trip to Heaven where she’ll be a guardian angel to all of us.

….the ICU doctor told me the chicken bone that was stuck in her throat a couple weeks ago could have been a partial cause since she suffered minor asphyxiation. Then she had pneumonia and a lot of fluid was drained from her lungs “

(Me: Her sister told me in our phone conversation that that fluid was just putrid making the doc think it had been there over a week.)

“Lori also had a couple medical issues she had been taking medication for a few years…her heart just couldn’t take it all and went into cardiac arrest. She tried to hang in there after 3 CPR attempts, but a few hours later her body just gave out.”

T continues with: “It all started when Lori text me about feeling weak., but I didn’t see her text till a couple hours later….after calling her cell a couple times with no answer, I went to her house. Her car was there but she wasn’t answering the door and it was locked. Z tole me to call 911 and the dispatcher told me an ambulance came to take Lori to the hospital. I ran over to the hospital and found Lori and was able to get the initial diagnosis from the first ER doctor….”

The point is my dear friend of 25 years is gone. And I am beyond devastated. We would talk on the phone for hours. I was planning on surprising her with a visit this summer. I so wanted to see that adorable little house she moved into just a month ago.

How does one wrap their head around this. . . . . again?

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Itza day….or a week?

So one of the reasons why I’ve been so quiet…..

Gary and I were talking and doing things together again. Strictly as friends. He agreed to this over and over. And over. And over. Get that part? I just want to be clear.

But? He couldn’t get that part. He wasn’t telling the truth. I was up front with him from the beginning. I enjoy his company. I enjoy having him in my life and it was friendship with me or nothing. Because right now I don’t really want a relationship. He agreed to this. Repeatedly… because He JUST wanted to spend time with me. When we do a project together? It gets done. NOW. I loved that and so did he. But instead of telling me he wasn’t feeling right about it, he spat nasty shit at me. I went quiet.

These were waiting by my front door when I got home last night. Along with a handwritten letter apologizing for all the nasty things he said to me Sunday. I am beginning to think he is bi-polar. I should have known it wouldn’t work when the some of the things he told me about “messed me up so bad!” were things most of us just shrug off and go on with our lives after experiencing.

So it’s completely over now. Not even a friendship like I wanted. I really did think we were BOTH mature enough for that. Guess not. Ciao.

With the decision to re-carpet the living room, comes moving all kinds of stuff. Getting rid of things. Moving plants back out to the screen porch…….

….which means having to move it out to the lawn when I can get the lumber home to redo the floor out there. Doing this floor should be an easy day job. Shhhh I probably jinxed that now. Then Brandon wants to get moving on my 3rd bedroom. So would I. Then my 2nd story would be completely done and I can concentrate on my 1st floor.

AirBnB is picking up again. Tonight I have 2 guys sharing my front room. They asked if I had a cot for one to use. No, but I do have a blow up mattress. They are good with that so it’s all set up ready to go. Another lady is coming in 3 weeks; and I get a lot of ‘I’ll be there in an hour , is that OK?’ Why yes, yes it is.

This weekend my neighbors are having a garage sale so I have a few things I’m throwing on it. I’ll go visit tonight before or after my guests arrive. Depending on what time I get home from……

…..the wake I am going to tonight up in Caledonia. She was like 5 days younger than my brother Scott that passed away. Her parents are dear friends of my parents. Her dad lost his left hand at our house in 1965 doing something with the corn picker. I remember him sitting on our steps gasping. Mom was on the phone trying to get the nosy neighbor OFF the party line so she could call an ambulance. “Well I was on here FIRST!” LADY GET OFF THE PHONE!! WE NEED TO CALL AN AMBULANCE! Why?? Oh she was a nasty one. Always picking up and listening in on other conversations.

Yes, I’m old enough to remember party lines.


So I’m leaving an hour early. Which is 40 minutes from now and I have a $5,300 order to enter.

Y’all have a GREAT weekend!!

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I just realized…..

It’s been a little bit since I have said hello.

I’ve been busy.

I’ve been tired.

I’ve been cheering my g’son on playing soccer. Both sidelines and on the phone. I have a hard time driving an hour for 30 minutes of soccer and another hour back home when I have SO much to do right now. I go to the closer games.

I’m just trying to get things done. I have two students coming this fall. From Italy and Spain.

And I can’t wait!

I did a little video of each room and Whatsapp’d it to Antonio. He has a preference but he and Juan will discuss it. The 3rd bedroom that needs a redo yet, I’m going to make part of it into a common room for them. Put the TV in there so there will be no heated discussions over it. I think it’s best that way. Today is Juan’s birthday. I sent messages yesterday because Spain is like 6 or 7 hours ahead. He loved it! He’s usually so quiet……So Antonio set up a room for the 3 of us to chat in. LOVE it.

I’m slowly clearing out my living room. I have decided to carpet it again. So I need to figure out a fence for the pups. Toldja I’ve been busy.

Also need to clear out the 3rd bedroom upstairs. Brandon wants to get it done too.

So lots to do. Anyone wanting to come and help, Jump on I90 and I’ll tell ya where to get off.


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